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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

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Atila - Barcelona - February 20th - 2003

To talk about Atila is just remembering an important part of the Catalan prog-rock. Atila is one of those great bands from the seventies, a group of superb and fascinating musicians. The band was formed by the mid seventies starting as a three piece group of keys, drums and guitar and after a short period they added a another guitar. They created three of the best albums of the spanish prog-rock called “The Beginning of the End”, “Intención” and “Reviure” between 1973 and 1978. A work that has become a the three golden records of spanish prog-rock, they are very difficult to find and of course very expensive. Three jewels for collectors, more or less like the rest of records from the spanish prog-rock movement. Eduardo Niebla, Joan Punyet, Benet Nogué and Miguel Blasco were an absolutely wonderful line up who just like most of the rest of their colleagues they disappeared at the end of the seventies. All these bands were left at the lost-legends-throne full of incredible bands since then, victims of a late awakening and a too soon death.

But, after almost 25 years they have revived. Joan Punyet (drums) and Benet Nogué (keys) wake up the beast from his ashes to illuminate us again with his music. Some time ago the band started to play again and made a returning gig with a big success, trying to fit again their music into the new musical environment. That gig was recorded to release a new CD with their second record Intencion and the music played live all together. Three years after the band think about touring again making new concerts. One of these concerts was on the last 20th of february in Barcelona and in a beautiful and comfortable place called L’Espai. Of course we could not miss it.

The performance had to start at 22:00. The venue was not full but we couldn’t complain, the best of all was that the musicians felt comfortable with the audience, it seemed that there were thousands of prog-heads there applauding almost every accord. People who didn’t come they missed a nice concert with a classic band playing old rock with great power and musicianship. The keys played by Benet and also the drums were great, they played as good as if the had stopped just a couple of days ago, with a great technique and precision. But what they really transmitted was a sort of mixture of nostalgic and happy sounds, themes such as “Reviure”, “Intención”, “Atila” or “Somni” were emotionally played bringing tears to our eyes. They played their two first albums “Intención” and “Reviure” plus a new rearranged song which is the central part of the suite “Intencion” known as “El Carmel de Xocolata”. The musicians that accompanied them were Ignasi Bosch (guitar), Pere Martinez (bass) did a great job with a fantastic and professional performance.

After the event we could get their new release, the work that I was talking about before and that bring us the opportunity to enjoy again the whole thing at home, it’s a totally recommended record for all those who don’t know the band, classic progressive rock; they’re the Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis, Rare Earth... they are Atila. We expect that this new beginning is that just a beginning and we hope to be given new releases with new songs and new things to enjoy.

If you want to contact them here you have their e-mail:

PS: Don’t you miss the Atila performance at the 5th Tiana prog-rock festival which will be held next 10th of may.

Jordi Costa - March 2003


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