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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

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Clepsydra - "de Boerderij" Zoetermeer - 05 April - 2014

The Dutch Clepsydra fans had to wait for more then 16 years to see the band on a Dutch stage. In the year 1998 the band gave a gig at “De Lantaarn” in Hellendoorn. And yes ... sadly I missed that one. Last Saturday at the Progdreams III festival at “de Boerderij” in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands the wait was finally over. The last weeks the Dutch Clepsydra fanatics provided a real hype on FaceBook ... Everyone who has a place in their hart for progressive rock, had to know this .... their favorite band Clepsydra is back !

Clepsydra was of course the headliner of the festival. And when the first people left the venue after the performance of the British band Haken, on their way to the cafe .... the Clepsydra die hards quickly entered the venue to confiscate the best places at the front of the stage. When the band had to put their gear on stage and even wanted to do a quick sound check to see if the monitors were in balance, the tension rise even more. After a quick change of clothes the band returned under an ovational applause.

The band opened with “The Missing Spark” from the “Fears” album and immediately the fans were catapulted into ProgHeaven. The song was connected to the title track of the fourth album “Alone”. The band played with a lot of passion and emotion. The setlist ( thanks Raymond ) was just amazing; “The Missing Spark/Alone”, “4107”, “Tuesday Night”, “Hold me Tight”, “No Place for Flowers”, “Fearless”, The Nest/The Cloister”, “The Nineteenth Hole”, “Travel of Dream”, “The Prisoners Victory/The Last Grain” and the encores “Moonshine on Heights” and “End of Tuesday”. It was just a concatenation of highlights. My personal favorites “No Place for Flowers” and “The Last Grain” were overwhelming for me ... I had tears in my eyes. The soaring guitar solo's of Marco Cerulli were breathtaking. And the whole evening I was impressed by singer Aluisio Maggini, what a marvelous voice and performance. Keyboard player Philip Hubert played some delicious fat sounding synth solo's. The rhythm section that consists of bass player Andy Thommen and drummer Pietro Duca was steady and special. Andy also played a kind of electronic bass pedals and Pietro performed on a complete electronic drum kit.

There was an exchange of energy between the band and the audience. It was a special night for us and the band. I will never forget the soaring guitar solo at the end of "The Last Grain" that Marco played ... together with the band he worked slowly towards an amazing climax. It was complete Bliss. The audience just loved it. The band gave me goosebumps several times and at one point I had tears in my eyes ... the music goes straight for your heart. The first gig of the Clepsydra 2014 Reunion tour was a big success. And for us, the Dutch Clepsydra fans, our dream came finally true .... the wait was over ... Clepsydra is back after 16 long years.

Latest Release: The Swiss record label Galileo Records released the 4-CD box “3654 day” that contain all 4 albums ( “Hologram”, “More Grains of Sand”, “Fears” and “Alone” ), remastered and with bonus material. The box is distributed and marketed by Gonzo MultiMedia.

- first published by “Gonzo Weekly” magazine.

Douwe Fledderus - April 2014


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