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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

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Roger Waters - Barcelona - May - 2002


Roger Waters - In the flesh tour

May the 8th of 2002, around nine in the evening; a bizarre, rainy night, too much cold for the date, smoggy and exceptionally dark. I walk towards the mountain of Montjuic, where Sant Jordi pabillion is. An immense indoor place that looks like a huge beetle, able to swallow thousands of little fans. After parking my vehicle I incorporate myself to the great mass of beings in movement that seem hypnotized and attracted by this extraordinary monster of wide open doors. A place big enough to digest something as large as a concert of Roger Waters, or what is the same thing, a Pink Floyd concert. The path to reach the entrance is long and on it's way the people bother themselves, and follow each other like sheep. An extraordinary queue expects to enter, all the people forming a perfect line steps forward silently and disappears once at the main door. The entrances where fat skinheads with pig face check the innocent fan and also put their hand on the fan's girlfriends. The inside is spectacular, thousands of people fill it, I need to locate myself and I ask to one of the dogs that guide the poor sheep and help them to be grouped in the correct place, where I should situate myself. A huge screen fills the bottom wall of the pavilion, underneath a big stage and hanging of the roof we find gigantic sonorous equipment.

The concert has to begin at 21:30 and it's almost the time. With some minutes of delay the lights fades down and lead to the explosion of sound and image. The image of Roger is as unmistakable as spectacular; an old image, a face and a historic silhouette that takes all the audience's sites; the band doesn't exist.

Placing himself on a top level in front of the immense screen, Roger undertakes the first piece "In the flesh"; the image of the hammers parading in perfect an martial form together with the silhouette of Mr.Waters creates a sensation of mental regression and I force myself for the search of passed remembrances. A return to the time where there was Pink Floyd all over; suddenly I transform myself into an adolescent and a sensation of grievous melancholy invades me. I suddenly realize that after all these years, the remembrances fills the most part of my memory, I do not have immediate experiences that could fill me and it's in the remembrances where old satisfactions and experienced pleasures takes form; the music of Pink Floyd is one of those experiences.

My trip through time continues with "Another brick on the Wall (part 2)", "Mother", "Pigs on the Wind", "Dogs". I do not take drugs, but at this time I feel myself into another sphere, concentrated on myself, finding myself again, transported toward a higher level. "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"; with images of Rick Wright, Nick Mason, Syd Barrett and Waters in movement makes the audience go crazy. One of the summit moments is the interpretation of "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" with the photograph of Syd Barrett projected on the great screen disintegrating itself while the song elapses.

Ahhh, I'm forgetting "The Final Cut", "Wish you were here", "Welcome to the machine" and the second part of "Shine on you crazy diamond" conform the first part of the event. We find ourselves with an interval that returns us to the point of departure, we suddenly face the reality and we get old without knowing why.

After not knowing what to do for a while, the lights put down and I begin to fall in the black musical hole again, little by little I submerge into myself and I try to remember the lyrics of some songs that arrive accompanied by thousand of lost remembrances. "Breathe", "Time", "Money", "Comfortably Numb" impact us in the same way that almost thirty years ago; a psychological stone. Mr. Waters seems to enjoy putting his hand inside our brain, stirring them as if our heads were full of a hot mass to be spilled. The end of the "concert" begins with some of the pieces of his solo work Amused to Death. "What god wants (part 1)", "Perfect sense (part 1 and 2)", "It's a miracle" and "Amused to Death". Magnificent samples of a man that has always criticize his environment, all our environment, a star abandoned by too much people since a long time ago, able to transform his deeper feelings into music, and doing it better than nobody. The last stop is "Brain Damage" and "Eclipse", I look at the exit door and after the "and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon" I get up and I come out of the bowels of the monster. I walk fast, I find myself different, less worried, happier, slimmer with darker hair. I envy myself. I fade into the night.

Jordi Costa - May 2002


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