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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

concert review

Supertramp - Madrid - April - 2002

I must admit I wasn´t built up hopes. I didn´t want to go to Supertramp show in Madrid because I didn´t want to muddle all the memories I had from shows I´ve assisted before. On the other hand the deception of the last CD boded a lazy show. Only the endearing attitude and insistence of Ángeles planning everything made me finally decide, and I found myself one hour before the show inside a traffic jam I couldn´t imagine. The surroundings of Palacio de Vistalegre were plenty of cars and people, the most of them in their thirties but there were also many people in their twenties and fifties, everyone of them with the same destination: The show in Madrid of the probably last tour of the band.

Davies & Helliwell

The show starts in a classic way: punctuality and "School". It´s nothing but a little mirage because quickly the show becomes algo insulsa with songs included in the new CD as "Slow Motion", "Over You" and "Tenth Avenue Breakdown", la mediocre "Sooner or Later" o los desafortunados "Cannonbal" or "Free As A Bird". The interlude with "Bloody Well Right" was very appreciated.

From that moment on, the best songs of the night with "Downstream" as starting point -a beautiful melody as this doesn´t need big special effects, Davies, his piano, and that´s all -. After that, wonderful songs such as "Asylum", animated by J.A. Helliwell, "From Now On" -one of the band´s few suites - and the catchy "Goodbye Stranger". The most acclaimed songs were those composed by Hodgson: "Give A Little Bit", "Take the long way home" and "The Logical Song". Although Mark Hart did the best he could in order to imitate the Hodgson´s vocals, he didn´t get the goal and he even sung out of tune several times. Another highlight of the show was a new version of "Another Man´s Woman". Everybody wanted to know which new arrangements and changes was Davies going to add in this great song. This year there was also the presence of a swimmer with a parasol inspired by "Crisis? What Crisis?" Cover.

Anyway I can imagine the deep pain suffered by Rick Davies watching the crowd went wild with the classic songs composed by Hodgson. And I´d add a commentary: where were, in May 2000, all those 15.000 people who were applauding this songs, when the author played in Madrid and only were around 500 fans enjoying one of the most amazing shows in years?

As always the last songs were "Rudy" and "The Crime Of The Century", the song that always closes the shows. They also played a rhythm&blues taken from the last CD: "Broken Hearted". And that was all. This time the die-hard fans didn´t cry for more songs. Everything was already said. A show with less more than two hours with good and bad moments although I must admit that for an hour or so everybody could feel the Supertramp everybody remind.

My last comments will be about the changes in the line up; after the desertions of R.Hodgson and D.Thomson and the incorporation of the mediocres Mark Hart, Cliff Hugo, Lee Thornburg and Carl Verheyen, the new member is Bob Siebemberg´s song -Jesse- who admirably helps the band with percussion, keyboards and guitars.

In the same way the video screens showed us again the same video that the band recorded more than twenty years ago: "Rudy´s" wonderful stellar journey ending with the grilles of the "Crime of the Century"... very original time ago but now very outmoded... I think it´s time for the band to vary or upgrade the video films.


And finally: The Palacio de Vistalegre, -a bullring with ceiling-, could be great for a bullfight or a basketball match, it hasn´t the minimum acoustic conditions for a great rock show.

Eduardo Aragón - May 2002


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