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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

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4th Tiana prog-Rock Festival - Tiana - June - 2002


Ticket Tiana Prog-Rock 2002

One more time we found ourselves, the last 1st of June, at the fourth prog-rock Festival of Tiana. A festival that this year offered us a fantastic list of groups, being Le Orme the great head liners. A very important event for all the progressive music lovers and that we are destroying it in some way. It is very sad that in this country famous for its culture, artistic tradition and history, the musical expositions with such a high level are always ignored.

Well, lets focus on the musical aspect and later we'll finish protesting.
The band that opened the festival this year (at 19:30 or so) was a German band called Asgard. A band that has quite a lot of discography and that tries to do some neoprog mixed with some hard rock elements. A group that seemed a bit nervous on stage and that didn't cause any kind of good impression among the audience (about 200 people). The singer didn't contact the people and he looked like quite far and not very used to play live in front of an audience. The band seemed to have good ideas but not very rehearsed. Anyway the level was not very high in this first show but no problem the real good thing hadn't arrived yet.

Mostly Autumn was the second group of the list and also it was the surprise of the night. A lot of people didn't know them so many of them got very surprised and pleased with this band. The English group is a powerful mixture of Floydian guitar and classic - Victorian English tradition with some Celt elements. They felt very comfortable on stage and delighted a lot with songs mostly taken from its great album The last bright light, where the flutes, the voice of Heather Findlay the guitar of Bryan Josh shinned brightly. The English band took the festival to a high quality level, a level that only Le Orme could beat.

Around midnight the first notes of "Elementi" sounded and we could hardly believe what we were about to listen and see. Aldo Tagliapietra and Michi dei Rossi appeared on stage and from there the music invaded us. A show done with an incredible professionally and surprising precision. There's nothing to do with what we know about new progressive bands, how they move on stage, the way of playing with a complete control of the instruments and the situation all the time, is superb. The veteran band offered us more than 3 hours of total ecstasy, they played "Elementi" (complete), "Il Fiume" (complete), "Una dolcezza nuova", "Giocco di bimba" and "La porta chiusa" (from "Uomo di Pezza"), "Felona e Sorona" (complete) that made the audience cry of emotion, "Cemento armato" and "Sguardo verso il cielo" (from "Collage"). An absolute wonderful performance. The few that were there were filled of musical wisdom and we made one of our dreams come true.

The ones that were not there I'd just like to tell them that I'll be hard to forget the face of disappointment of the people that organized the event, that had made all their best to held this great festival ones more, and that were rewarded with a very tiny audience. It's a pity because everybody including the musicians made a huge effort.

What kind of motives can we find to explain this?.

1 - Was it the low artistic quality of the event?.
Of course not, we are talking about Le Orme, a band that started playing 30 years ago and that have released some of the most important records in the progressive music history.

2 - Was it the little promotional work from the organization?.
Of course not. I recognize that we were thinking about it as a good cause, but taking about it with one of person of the staff he told us the huge list of radios, newspapers and all kind of media that they had contacted to promote the festival, with no positive reply.

3 - Was it the poor interest that the event made among progressive lovers?.
I think this is the main reason. There are a lot of people that only move to see the two or three typical neoprog bands, which is a big mistake.

We are minority and we would have to move a it is. If we don't support these kind of performance, and I mean all kind of progressive bands, happenings or events, we are killing the music.

If we really like the progressive music we also understand that is not only a personal taste it is a quite innovating and less conservative way of looking at the art and in some way it's logical that this art find a lot of odds to survive. We must not stay talking about how we know about it and how long is our CD collection, because what the musician needs is that people attend the concerts and have the warmth of people. So we have to be more clever and make an effort to be in the prog-rock gigs that we have in our home.

As a conclusion is that Tiana is a unique opportunity to enjoy listening and seeing our favorite bands but the event is condemned to die very soon.


Jordi Costa and Ramón Sellarés - July 2002


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