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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

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5th Prog-Rock Festival - Tiana - May - 2003


Tiana was one more time, in this new edition, the european capital city of progressive rock and the place where musicians and fans got together to share their musical thoughts, creating a fantastic and magical scenario. The exchange of ideas and our love for this kind of music makes Tiana a special venue, full of good vibrations in a small but huge at the same time prog-rock event. An event that was seriously endangered last year and that in this new opportunity it turned to be a kind of a fan assessment, hoping for people to come and not being so lazy as many fans have proved to be lately. A festival that has always offered a great selection of bands becoming one of the most important dates in progressive music world. This year we had a great bunch of musical proposals, starting with the classic italian band CAP and also one of the greatest bands in catalan prog rock history which was Atila. Along with these two big names we also had the chance to discover two new and promising bands called Dr.No and The Knife, the latter were to replace the polish band Collage that unfortunately couldn’t attend the festival due to a car crash. Besides the festival organizers had scheduled a new musician called Jordi Ricol, known as Syd Barretina, a sheer Pinkfloydian character who would refresh people during the breaks between performances, just playing excellent covers of Pink Floyd, from “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” to “The Wall”.

Just a few minutes before starting we realized that everything was going to come up all right. We all noticed that that was how a real prog-rock fan had to respond to this kind of thing. The weather had been fantastic and the Tiana Prog-rock Festival was rising up again.

Around 18:00 o’clock the doors of the spectacle began to open. Little by little people started to realize that they had come to see a great show and they began to prepare their sights.

The Knife was the first band to play, a group that got to surprise us by their quality and strong character on stage. Already from the beginning they probed to us that they had a great talent playing beautifully. They started with a cover of the Marillion’s classic “Fugazi”. Then they followed with a nice selection of new pieces that surely will be on their first album (which we won’t be missing), afterwards these young musicians gave us a very nice surprise with the cover of “Pilgrims” the difficult and emotive song from Van Der Graaf Generator. The singer confessed to be a Peter Hammill fan trying to reach that so peculiar voice register. These guys were a surprising and a perfect warm up for all of us.

The warmth of the last gig led us to a new one and then it came the turn of Dr.No, with their colorful and excellent frontman Enric Pascual. The band coming from the southern part of Catalonia is starting to gain a great amount of young fans from Catalan Rock, apart from of course the prog-rock suckers. They played a set of songs which belonged to their one and only CD called “El Bufó de la Cort”. A performance where not only the musical aspect was the main element but also a nice visual thing got all of us hooked to their show. Their music is a mixture of classic 80’s prog music with some other pop elements that is not always understood by the tough prog audience. Anyway, they have a very nice and open style that should be seen as a great chance for future new audiences, a group that is capable to end their show playing “Starship Trooper” of Yes.

After Dr.No’s performance we got Consorcio Acqua Potabile. Eight musicians that packed the stage and made the people enjoy with a strong and powerful set of classic style music, most of it coming from their new album “Il Bianco Regno di Dooah”. This experienced italian band is without any doubt one of the most powerful classic bands in Europe, with a kind of style that they have been working out for many years and that they had finally transform it into a very special and unique way of making music. A great idea to bring these guys to Tiana.

Finally it was Atila’s turn. The idols of catalan prog-rock, a progressive monster from seventies. A band with a short but great background with an extraordinary musical legacy, with a superb quality. A group that after all these years regains again all its magic exploring again and renewing their offer. Atila got the stage to make it explode with every song. It was two hours where pieces such as “Intención”, ”Cucutila”, “Atila”, ”Día Perfecto”, ”Somni”, “Al Matí”, “El Principio del Fin” and the huge emotive one entitled“Reviure” brought tears to many fans’ eyes. After a stunning encore the band closed the festival leaving all the people with their mouth open.

This new festival left the door open to organize a more successful one next year and let us meet many interesting people that are constantly working for this music, not letting it to die and giving all their support. Waiting for the 6th and looking forward to attend other prog-rock events just like the new born Stratus Prog Festival, the 5th of july, we’ll be there.

Jordi Costa & Ramón Sellarès - June 2003


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