Alex Carpani - l’Orizzonte degli Eventi - 2020



“... a fine album for a big audience ...”


Alex Carpani is an Italian-French composer, keyboardist, singer, producer, musicologist and artistic director. We prog fans know him from his own Alex Carpani band which released four albums ( "Waterline", "The Sanctuary", "4 Destinies" and 'So Close, So Far") and the Italian power trio called Aerostation. A trio without a guitarist but with Gigi Cavalli Cocchi (Mangala Vallis Project) on drums. Last year Alex released the album "l’Orizzonte degli Eventi" as an independent artist. In his own words; an album of rock songs sung in Italian and mixing neo-prog, hard rock, electronic music, alternative rock and pop influences. It’s a kind of visionary and existential concept album about the imaginary line that divides the possible scenarios of our lives, at the moment when we are in front of big life decisions. It all begins with the narrator voice of an astrophysicist who gives the scientific definition of the event horizon. From that moment the journey begins and this boundary surface becomes the metaphor of life and the relativity of all things.


Alex Carpani - lead & back vocals, synthesizers, virtual guitars; Giambattista Giorgi - bass; Bruno Farinelli - drums
Efisio Santi - Narrator voice on "l'Orizzonte Degli Eventi"


As mentioned in the introduction above, the album starts with the title track "l’Orizzonte degli Eventi" and the narrator's voice. In fact, it all starts with the buzzing sound of an insect ... throughout the whole song you can hear that buzzing sound. An original and intriguing opening. After this fine introduction follows the uptempo and rock-oriented song "Lava Bollente". The well-sung catchy vocal refrain gives the song also some pop influences. "Fiore d'Acqau" musically follows the same path. Uptempo rock parts and ballad-like vocal parts that shows once more that Alex is an excellent vocalist. In the end, we can enjoy some melodic synth parts. Nice song with some great melodies. "Il Perimetro dell'Anima" has a good structure, nice keyboard orchestrations and beautifully sung vocals. With its great melodies, fine keyboard parts and nice vocal parts this song develops into one of my personal favourite tracks of this fine album. In the following song "Tempo Relativo" the bass part of Giambattista Giorgi stands out. The music is a melting pot of musical styles with distorted guitar parts and a rhythm section that is on fire. In "Sette Giorni" the band slows down a little bit. Love the keyboard orchestrations and the nice melodies. The music is difficult to describe because it is a nice melting-pot of styles, but it is definitively one of my personal favourites. And that has to do with the wonderful melodies and fine keyboard playing. The melodic keyboard ending is very nice. This is followed by the song "La Fine e La" which has a pounding bass and distorted and heavy guitar riffs. And always those great vocal parts. I am so happy that Alex sings in his native language because this keeps the original atmosphere of the song. It is also a nice gesture to include an English translation of the Italian lyrics in the press kit that I received from Alex. However, this translation is not in the booklet of my promo copy but maybe I have just received the Italian version of the album. "Nel Ventre del Buio" is an uptempo song with beautiful vocal melodies and nice drum work of Bruno Farinelli. The album comes to an end with the song "Le Porte". The song is like a breath of fresh air after the previous uptempo track. The keyboard orchestrations and catchy vocal refrains are the highlights of this last personal favourite of mine. Of course, the buzzing insect of the introduction has the last word.


"l’Orizzonte degli Eventi" is a fine album for a big audience. Not only Prog fans will enjoy this album that is full of wonderful vocal melodies and fine instrumental parts. The album is consistent and has no weak parts. Alex Carpani is a very talented multi-instrumentalist blessed with great vocal qualities. Personally, I think that this guy is a little bit underrated in the past years. Your reviewer enjoyed listening to this album very much. Remember his name ... Alex Carpani.

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