Alessandro Corvaglia - Out of the Gate - 2021



“... dedicated to having defeated the gate ...”


Alessandro Corvaglia is a known name in the Prog scene. This Italian singer/musician is best known for his work with bands like La Maschera di Cera, Delirium and Hostonaten. And this list is immense if you count all his contributions to projects and albums of other RPI (Rock Progressive Italiano) artists. So it was time for his own solo album entitled "Out of the Gate" which has been released by the famous AMS Records label. Besides two covers (Peter Hammill and Gordon Giltrap) all the other tracks are composed and arranged by Alessandro Corvaglia. The biggest surprise of this album is that the musician Alessandro Corvaglia has gotten out of the gate. He is showing that besides being a fabulous singer he is also a very skilled instrumentalist on keyboards, bass guitar, electric- & acoustic guitars and electronic drums.


Alessandro Corvaglia - keyboards, bass guitar, electric- & acoustic guitars, electronic drums, vocals, backing vocals; Mark Cunningham - backing vocals; Martin Grice - Tenor saxophone; Andrea Orlando - drums and percussion; Marcella Arganese - guitars; Massimo Moscatelli - drums and percussion; Daniele Sollo - Fretless bass; Filippo Bagnoli - drums and percussion; Maurizzo Fiaschi - guitars; Raffaella Izzo - flute, backing vocals; Stefano Avigliano - guitars; Ettore Mazzarini - bass guitar; Emanuele Telli - keyboards; Dario Hakim - Recording and editing; Matteo Nahum - Electric guitar, Classical guitar; Mauro Sabbione - piano and improvisations; Gordon Giltrap - Acoustic guitar; Cesareo - Electric guitar


On this wonderful album, you can find ten tracks. Eight Corvaglia compositions and covers of Peter Hammill's "Vision" and Gordon Giltrap's "12 Towers". The latter is an additional arrangement of Alessandro Corvaglia with the master himself on Acoustic guitar.

The album opens with a song called "Promised Land". Immediately you will hear the Neo progressive Marillion influences through the synth parts. And the voice of Corvaglia which has a resemblance to the voice of Fish the former lead singer of Marillion also contributes to this assumption. It will not be a surprise to you if I tell you that for years Alessandro Corvaglia was also the lead singer of early Marillion cover band Mr Punch. A band in which the Ubi Maior guitarist Marcella Arganese is still playing. Marcella Arganese is playing guitars in the next track "The Night of the Eyes". It is a dark instrumental with a mysterious slow opening with a lovely and jazzy Fretless bass played by Daniello Sollo and wonderful keyboard sounds. But the star of this track is the guitar playing of Marcella Arganese. Marcella Arganese is developing for the last few years into an all-around guitar player. "Preaching in Line" is a more uptempo track with some Pop/Rock influences in the first part. In the middle section, the music shifts more into a Progressive Rock style. Alessandro Corvaglia shines in this track which shows what an excellent singer he is. "... and the lady came in" is a shorter instrumental track in which Alessandro is playing all the instruments except the flute that is played by Raffaella Izzo. The Acoustic guitar and the flute give this fairytale-like song an early Genesis vibe. It is a beautiful instrumental intermezzo towards the next song "White Ghosts" featuring the members of the Italian band Il Giardino Onirico. This is one of the projects Alessandro contributed to. Just check out the wonderful album "Apofenia". Highly recommended by progVisions. The first part of "White Ghosts" has some Saga influences but because of the singing of Alessandro, the Fish period of Marillion is also not far away. Later on, the song is developing into a fine RPI track. Then it is time for the first cover of the album. It is the Peter Hammill song "Vision" that you can find on his first solo album " Fool's Mate". You must be a confident singer to sing a song of the maestro, but it is a wonderful interpretation. This cover includes a wonderful piano improvisation by Mauro Sabbione. The next song "A deed within a Dream" is a tribute to the music of and spirit of Gordon Giltrap. The Classical guitar is played by Mauro Nahum. The musicians wonderfully caught the spirit of Gordon Giltrap on this song. If you like this song I would like to recommend checking out the fourth, fifth and sixth studio albums of Gordon Giltrap which are now classic albums, "Visionary", "Perilous Journey" and "Fear of the Dark". The slow "Where have I Been" has a delicate instrumentation and is beautifully sung by Alessandro. The drums and percussion are played by one of my favourite Italian drummers Andrea Orlando. The song has beautiful vocal melodies and refrains. This is followed by the Gordon Giltrap cover "12 Towers". An instrumental which has an additional arrangement by Alessandro Corvaglia. A beautiful and delicate interlude towards the highlight and title track of the album "Out of the Gate". Almost twelve minutes of pure RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano). A full keyboard orchestration, great guitar work and passionately sung vocals. But also a track with diversity and rest points. The vocals have again a resemblance to the work of Fish in his Marillion period. The song comes to an end with a long guitar solo played by Cesareo. A worthy ending to a wonderful solo debut of Maestro Alessandro Corvaglia.


Alessandro Corvaglia surprised me with a wonderful solo album. An album that has a mix of RPI and early Marillion musical styles. And of course a touch of early Genesis. Although the fact that on every song you will find contributions of different musicians the album sounds consistent. This is a big compliment. The biggest surprise of this album is that the musician Alessandro Corvaglia has gotten out of the gate. He is showing that besides being a fabulous singer he is also a very skilled instrumentalist on keyboards, bass guitar, electric- & acoustic guitars and electronic drums. Well done, you have made an album that is recommended by progVisions.

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