Acidente - Technolorgy - 2002


To be honest I didn´t know anything about the existence of this Brazilian band and that has impressed me. Although the band is active since 1978, they became to be known after the release of “Em caso de Acidente... Quebre Este Disco” (1990) and “Gloomland” (94). The current line up is formed by Ary Menezes on bass and acoustic guitar, Mario Costa on drums, Renato Borges on electric guitar and Paulo Malária (aka Paulo Izecksohn, alma mater) on synths.


The track list is as follows:

Enough (1:44)
Anfa (5:29)
Factotum (15:42)
Outright (1:49)
Autumn Dawn (7:02)
1980 (3:27)
The Sweet Years of ’73 (1:57)
Where Whisky Comes From (2:18)
Gotta Play! (3:23)
Across the Time (5:34)
Pick-a-Stick’A (2:41)
The Sweet Years of ’74 (1:20)
Round Trip (11:57)

The album has great songs like “Factotum”, with has a blend of different styles: from the lyrical Camel to the ELP megalomania, all spiced with a great masterly in the transitions. Very interesting is also “Autumn Dawn” and “Anfa” which flow with Anthony Phillips airs and his acoustic guitars. Despite short in time “Enough” and “The Sweet Years of ’73” are also very interesting. Finally, we can appreciate another influence of 80’s Rick Wakeman in tracks like “Across the Time” or “Where Whisky Comes From”.


This is a good CD that, although it sounds really actual, has a lots of classic influences. Great developments, good production and sound quality, with musicians very skilled, specially Paulo Malária on keyboards. He is capable of mixing different sonority and styles all over the record. Recommended.

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