Arise From Thorns - Before an audience of stars - 1999


This interesting quintet comes from the US, commanded by the presence -always good to see females in progressive rock- of Michelle Loose (vocals, piano, keyboards). She, together with Scott Loose (guitars), Tom Phillips (guitars), Trevor Schrotz (drums) and Chris Welborn (bass), form one of the most interesting proposals I have listened lately coming from that country. In fact, if I am sincere, I expected just another band trying to emulate Dream Theater and, fortunately, I was wrong. In fact, this second CD of the band has all those elements that most American bands lack and that we admire so much in Europe. Maybe substituting technique and spectacular sounds for feeling and emotion is something that Americans don't approve, but in progVisions we accept that change with all our illusion.


The CD, from the start to its end, pours elegance from all its notes, the powerful moments being based more in the impressive voice of Michelle that in an unleashed senseless guitar discharge. The compositions are correctly executed and do not exceed their appropriate length, without continuing the duration of each piece to apparent a supposed "progressivism". The tracks, as I have said, have standard length, in which there is plenty of time to check their easiness when executing a direct and fresh piece as "Dreaming" or "Bluer Skies", of setting intense atmospheres as The Gathering ("Time Alone", "Lure"), of developing compositions on a more classic style as "Remember" or "Surrender the Stars", of developing beautiful instrumental moments ("Lovelorn"), and even of presenting a couple of charming and delicate songs with a strong influence from ethnic music ("Persia", "The Red and the Black").


Progressive groups with leading female vocals are becoming very fashionable these days. In those that make it just for fashion, we finally notice the trick and their lack of quality. In other cases such as The Gathering or Arise from Thorns we see that they really know what they are doing, and they take advantage of an excellent fit of music surrounding powerful female voices as that of Michelle Loose, a voice to really take into account. If you like not very risky proposals but filled with emotion, I recommend you this CD. It will please the whole family and, above all, it is very beautiful to listen to.

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