AKIN - The Way Things End - 2010



“AKIN has a string quartet at its side now!”


AKIN is a band from Lyon (France) who is making progressive rock with a metal bite. I'm not familiar with AKIN's debut album “Verse” (2001). After a long off-peak period, AKIN got back to work in 2009 with a string quartet at its side. The result is the new album “The Way Things End”.


Luc Babut - bass; Matthieu Baker - guitars, backing vocals; Philippe Chauviré - flute; Julien Chometton - rhythm guitar; Romain Fayet - drums; Adeline Gurtner - lead vocals; Pierre Lucas - keyboards

The String Quartet:
Elsa Clavria and Rachel Givelet - violin; Samuel Hengebaert - viola; Florian Nauche - cello

Guests musicians:
Guilaume Post - darbuka; Elodie Poirier - dilruba, cello; Sylvian Gerard - darbuka, djembe, daf, tablas


You can find 15 tracks on “The Way Things End”; “The 92nd Flight”, “Cassandra”, “Unhearted”, “When”, “Miracles”, “Burning Skies”, “Enter Spaceman”, “No Second Ride”, “Before the Storm”, “Resilience”, “Falling Deeper”, “Miller's End”, “Coma”, “No Betrayal”, and “A Better End”. The albums opens cheerfully and up tempo with the songs “The 92nd Flight” and “Cassandra”. Tracks with all the ingredients of this new AKIN. A mix of progressive rock, melodic metal and some jazz and classical elements. The string quartet is wonderful integrated into the music. I also like the flute and AKIN has in the person of Adeline Gurtner a great vocalist. Sometimes her voice reminds me of Anneke van Giersbergen (ex Gathering). In “Unhearted” and “When” you hear beautiful vocal lines and strings, jazzy guitar bits and metal parts. “Miracles” has also some pop influences. It all sounds diverse and fresh. I won't review this album track by track. Because then I will repeat myself. The Album is good in balance and has no weak points. But I would like to mention the tracks “Resilience” and “Miller's End” which includes poetry reading by Tom O'Bedlam. The poems are originally written by Kenneth Koch and Charles Causley. “Resilience” is one of the many highlights of this album. Throughout the whole album singer Adeline Gurtner is convincing us with here beautiful voice and great singing.


AKIN surprised me with a highly original mix of progressive rock, melodic metal. pop, jazz and classical music. AKIN has in the person of Adeline Gurtner a great vocal is that is convincing on this wonderful album. “The Way Things End” has a good balance, sounds great and has no weak points. Recommended to the fans of progressive rock with a metal edge.

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