Albion - Wabiac cienie - 2005

“The ultimate Polish Neo-prog album with references to Quidam and Abraxas”


Years ago I bought the first release on the PRMA label. It was the debut album of a young Polish band who called themselves Albion. It had potential but it was a not world shocking album. Lynx Music released a new double CD version of that album and the first promo's under the name “Remake”. After some rumors about a very good Neo-prog album from Poland, I contacted Ryszard Kramarski the man behind Lynx Music and the band Millenium. To be honest I couldn't believe that this “Wabiac cienie” is made by the same Albion. The band completely blown me away with this wonderful album!


Katarzyna Sobowicz - Vocals, Classic guitar; Jerzy Antczak - Guitar; Pawel Konieczny - Bass guitar; Krzysztof Malec - Keyboards; Rafal Paszcz - Percussion


The first guitars on “Motyl” will remind you of the early Marillion. This composition is like a great mix of the early Abraxas and Quidam with a touch of the old Marillion. The reference with Quidam is because Katarzyna Sobowicz's voice is close to that of Emila Derkowska. Delicious keyboard drenched symphonic rock. Great instrumental passages with beautiful melodic guitar solo's. A great opener of this surprising album. The next piece is called “Szary” and is a little bit more mellow. More a kind of ballad. Then follows one of the long compositions. With the eleven minutes long composition “Bieg po teczy” the band shows us to be capable to compose a wonderful and diverse long track. The composition includes beautiful melodic keyboard work next to little details with classical guitar. “Yuppie” is a shorter uptempo track with a nice little guitar solo. The slow “Inny” with the delicate vocals reminds us again of the early Quidam. It is a nice little song with a beautiful melodic vocal line. “Wolne” is one of the highlights of this wonderful album. Some keyboard sounds reminds me again of Marillion. After a slow opening the tension of the music slowly builds up. And the track ends with a melodic guitar part. The last piece is called “Cienie”. One of the longer tracks of this album. A diverse track with acoustic guitars, a fat bass guitar, great vocals and tasteful keyboard orchestrations and melodic guitar parts. After a short period of silence the album closes with a short vocal part only accompanied by an acoustic guitar.


The Polish band Albion surprises us with a great Neo-prog album. If you like the early Quidam sound or are a Marillion fan you must check out this wonderful album. The fact that the band still uses Polish vocals makes this album very tasteful. The atmosphere is better as a band uses their native language. I enjoyed this album very much. The band is already working on a third album. Can't wait to hear their new music!

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