Anathema - Weather Systems - 2012



“... it feels like we are at a creative peak right now, and this album reflects that ...”

(by Daniel Cavanagh)


Anathema, a collective of two families (Cavanagh and Douglas); brothers, sister and childhood friends was formed in Liverpool in 1990. Since then the band have embarked on a remarkable musical journey, initially emerging as pioneers of melodic heavy (doom) music and continually evolving over the ensuing years, always remaining true to their original goal of creating forward thinking, meaningful, passionate and honest music. “Weather Systems” is the follow-up of “We're Here Because We're Here” (2010), an album that featured prominently in numerous end-of-year polls ... also in the progressive scene. Personally I think that both albums are linked together, they are both the result of a creative peak of the band.


Vincent Cavanagh – vocals, guitar; Daniel Cavanagh – guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals; John Douglas – percussion, keyboards, guitars; Jamie Cavanagh – bass; Lee Douglas - vocals


The album exists out of the following nine tracks; “Untouchable Part 1”, “Untouchable Part 2”, “The Gathering Of The Clouds”, “Lightning Song”, “Sunlight”, “The Storm Before The Calm”, “The Beginning And The End”, “The Lost Child” and “Internal Landscapes”. “Weather Systems” is an album about emotions and contrast (darkness/ light, despair/ hope, joy/ sorrow, grief and loss). But it is also about love and beauty. It's about the connection between those dark and light moments in life. You can find the most beautiful orchestrations on this wonderful album. The album has great moments of contrast and dynamics. After an instrumental climax on guitars at the end of “Untouchable Part 1” the band continues with a vocal duet of immense beauty (sung by Lee Douglas and Vincent Cavanagh) in “Untouchable Part 2”. And this is only one of the many highlights on this remarkable album. Often the tension of the music slowly builds up towards a climax which in turn is followed by a delicate moment of immense beauty. In the last song of the album “Internal Landscapes” you can hear the poignant story of a man who experienced a near death experience. This sound sample has quite an impact. The band has integrated this sample with great respect in their music. The music on “Weather Systems” is often melancholic and compelling. The band will blow you away with this masterpiece ... “Weather Systems” is an album full of musical bliss. Anathema has outdone itself again!

“Weather Systems” is produced and mixed by by 5 times Norwegian Grammy nominated Christer-Andre Cederberg (Animal Alpha, In the Woods ...) and is featuring Lee Douglas in a more prominent role. The album is also available in a limited edition CD/DVD-V in digibook. This includes the audio CD and a DVD-V with a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound mix.


What can I say more ... with “Weather Systems” the band Anathema will impress not only the open minded metal fans but also the open minded progressive rock fans. I like the fact that Lee Douglas has a more prominent role on this album. You can hear the most beautiful orchestrations and vocal duets on this remarkable album. This is one of the best albums I have heard this year ... it will be in my end-of-year list of 2012. “Weather systems” is a masterpiece and for me it belongs together with it's predecessor “We're Here Because We're Here” to the band's best work so far. Anathema has outdone itself again ... Enjoy !

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