Ad Ombra - Smaragdine - 2005

“Ad Ombra is a Romanian project founded in 2005 by George D. Stãnciulescu in order to allow a refined and generous expression of his approach to aesthetic values.”


“Smaragdine” is a Romanian project by George D. Stãnciulescu. The album exists out of 7 tabulas that are mixed into one suite (20:29).


Orchestral arrangements & final scoring by: Maximilian Lupu & George D. Stãnciulescu


The first thing you will notice when you put the CD in your player is that the length of the whole suite is only 20 minutes. So I think it is a promo to establish a record deal. The music is very orchestral and could be described as Neo-Classical. Also I find the music often melancholic. There are some exceptional beautiful melodies on this album. Some cinematic excerpts are mixed throughout the album. These are taken from the works of P. Greenaway, P.P. Pasolini and R. Bresson. To my big surprise I heard in end of the second tabula some vocal lines sung in my native language Dutch. That must be a fragment of a Peter Greenaway film. I know that this director has often worked in Holland. I recognized the piece as a children's song. When I asked George about it this is what he told me:

“The melodic line in the final sequence is basically a theme belonging to the european tradition of easy-learned children songs, most commonly known as "the alphabet song". I don't know if it is Dutch at its prior origins, but it would be nice to discover so. The insertion in Tabula 2 has a symbolic value, as it ends a cycle, uroborically, through a return ("the myth of eternal return") to simplicity and basic features of human state ...though you observe....the theme is not sung by the story continues..:).”


With “Smaragdine” Ad Ombra created a fine piece of music. This neo classical music has an orchestral and romantic atmosphere and is often melancholic. Synthesizers and piano are used in a delicate way. I'm looking forward to hear a full length CD of this Romanian project.

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Douwe Fledderus - October 2005  -   - Independent Release