Acid Rain - Infinity Beyond - 2003


Composed by several members weary of the traditional metal and formed in June of 1999, Acid Rain decided to carry out a more elaborated & progressive music than in their previous bands. Born in Madrid they took their time finding the appropriate musicians for the band. Later and without having found a singer they decided to carry out the recording of their first Demo. In the next months they were able to find a voice for Acid Rain and quickly they dedicated their time to the composition and recording of an LP.


“Infinity Beyond” is their first serious work. An 11 track album full of good music and technique which we will analyze next. "Gargolye Diver" opens the album. An intro mostly dedicated to several guitar riffs and keyboard solos. Subsequently "Decisions" offers us an advance of that basically will be able to find in the whole CD. Complicated rhythms and a great influence of Dream Theater.

Few Spanish groups have dared to play and much less to record some song of the Norwegian band called Conception. This time Acid Rain has opted to do a version of the song called "Cardinal Sin" belonging to their last album “Flow”. Well done and without any failure they have known how to be to the height of a group of this category. Mate Fernandez collaborates in this track doing some choirs. Without a delay we find "Impulse", a good instrumental one but quicker than the previous ones. Mostly in the wave of the band Stratovarius. "Invisible Thoughts" lead us in route to a new song called "I was late", a more melodic track than the others. Not so quick and more focused to it´s singer's different textures."Fear Inside" is a track mostly inspired in their Symphony X influence. We find enough variety of parts in which we would highlight the solo parts, full of feeling and technique. "Search of Nowhere" begins like a soft ballad but as we go trough the song it goes becoming hard. Again a good melody & technique dose opens the way to "Three Sisters", another expressive track of this people from Madrid. Good job in the guitarists and excellent rhythmic base being the best song of this album. "Out in the Silence" is another hard track but this time guided to a more european metal way with quicker & harder rhythms. "Blackout" is the final track of the album, in this instrumental they show to us their knowledge about some mid/tempo compasses.


In spite of being a very young band and of not have a record contract, Acid Rain is one of the front line bands progressive metal community in this country. Good musicians, good songs and lots of illusion make of this band one of the best promises of the Spanish capital.

Good Luck!

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Germán Villén - August 2003 -   - Cityrock Music