Apsilene - Apsilene - 2003


We can say that surprising is the word to define the work of this great musician called Ian Smith. Characterized to carry out music for soundtracks and several collaborations in different musical projects, Ian Smith is presented as a musician trained in the classic school but that it allows to flow his darker and more psychedelic ways inside his music. Apsilene is the name of its new project and at the same time of its new album. In this CD he is in charge of so much of the whole musical part as to produce it and to mix it. He resides in London nowadays where he carries out all their musical work.


Well, from there we received this work which we prepare to savor. Divided in 8 parts we begin with "The periselene chart". Already from the beginning we realize that there is a great production work behind this album. An excellent sound introduces us in a music difficult to classify. Incredibly compacted Atmospheres presents us pure analogical sounds blended with distorted organs and other effects of the progressive music. "Apsilene" continues with the incessant scale of environmental parts making very interesting his music & at the same time strange. The music lead us in infinity of sounds: samplers, pianos, violins etc. mixed to the perfection with purely analogical sounds. A good one that is up to the progressive music's height of a big one. There´s a strange acoustic guitar in "Where is the point of Freezing". Beautiful melodies and repetitive parts that paradoxically don't become bored. One of the slowest tracks and at the same time strangest in the album. "Skin graft issue" is another wonderful song with acoustic guitar. We can find more modern rhythms that can remember to many of the New Age composers. The bass rhythm parts are distorted and contrasts with the sweetness of the keyboards and guitar melodies. "Persilene" takes us inside the world of the rhythm again. Strange compasses and strange sequences drug us as if we were in a Emerson Lake & Palmer live show. It is in this track where we find reminiscences of the first song. In this long song we find infinity of passages, some slower ones and other quicker ones that reaffirm us in the idea that we are talking about of an exceptional musician. "Inn mist" continues in the same wave that in the previous songs shuffling several kind of atmospheres inside the song. Beautiful is the end of acoustic guitar. Finally we find that the last song. "Bloodflare" returns as a boomerang to provoke us the same feelings that the first song of the album. This time is a song dedicated solo parts in which he uses overdriven sounds again.


What can I say about this album? It´s one of the best albums that I´ve lately listened to. I wish this talented musician a prosper future. If you want to listen progressive and symphonic music in total purity I recommend you this CD. ChapeauIan Smith!

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