Ancient Veil - New (The Ancient Veil remastered) - 2018


“... a more consistent album ...”


“The Ancient Veil” was originally released back in the year 1996. It was the new project of Eris Pluvia members Alessandro Serri and Edmondo Romano and was released on the Mellow Records label. After the new album “I am Changing” that was published in 2017, there was the desire to re-release this first Ancient Veil album. But the “New” album is much more than that. The overall sound was improved by adding new instruments that completed the arrangements according to the band’s present taste. So the original album has been remixed, remastered and has additional tracks. Unlike the original work, four tracks were removed and they now simply appear as listed or as final bonus tracks. Those tracks date back to the early 80’s and are in fact Eris Pluvia songs. It are interesting times for Ancient Veil fans because this month the band also released an live album entitled “Rings of earthly ... Live”.


Alessandro Serri - vocals, bass, acoustic- electric and twelve string guitars, snare and cymbals, drum programming, flute; Edmondo Romano - Bolivian flutes, keyboards, Indian flutes, soprano sax, tenor- alto and soparino recorder; Fabio Serri - piano, Hammond organ, Moog, keyboards; Marco Fadda - triangle, drums, tabla, tambourine, percussion; Osvaldo Loi - fandur, violin, viola; Massimo Pisano - bass clarinet; Gianni Serino - bass; Massimo Tarozzi - drums, Sergio Grazia - flute, Antonella Trovato - oboe; Tomaso Olivari - double bass; Pino Parello - fretless bass; Alessio Menconi - acoustic lead guitar; Alberto Malnati - double bass, Stefano Cabrera - cello; Cinzia Nucera - vocals; Claudio Villa - piano

Willow Quartet:
Roberto Mazzola - violin; Sara Diano - violin; Alessandro Sacco - viola; Stefano Cabrera - cello


Besides the above mentioned medley, you can find another ten tracks on this album with the simple title “New”. The subtitle is “The Ancient Veil remastered”. The first thing you will notice when you put this CD in your player, it sounds absolutely wonderful. In my memory this “The Ancient Veil” album was always that kind of “second” album of Eris Pluvia that was not so strong as it’s predecessor and sounded a little bit flat. But now I have to adjust this opinion. The album sounds fantastic and with the extra instruments and the up to date arrangements the compositions only now are showing their true beauty and compositional quality.

First highlight of the album is the opener “Ancient Veil”. Besides all the acoustic instruments you can enjoy wonderful electric guitar, recorder and sax solo’s. And as always beautiful melodies. In “Flying” the Willow Quartet with it’s cello, viola and violins gives the music an extra classical and medieval impulse. This is reinforced by the oboe. At times the music is uplifting and cheerful. Just listen to the beautiful recorder melodies in “Feast of the Puppets”. The opening of the next track “Creatures of the Lake” has a more narrative character with the delicate vocals of Alessandro Serri. Love the fine fretless bass parts of Pino Parello and the recorder melodies of Edmondo Romano. “Gleam” with it’s classical guitars and jazz fusion like sax parts is pure bliss. The acoustic lead guitar on this track is played by Alessio Menconi, one of the many guests on this album. “The Dance Of The Elves” is a short instrumental piece with uplifting melodies and beautiful violin parts of Osvaldo Loi. Alessandro Serri’s voice shines in the beautiful track “Dance” around my slow time. Again you will be astonished by all the amazing melodies. One of my personal favorites. This is followed by the next highlight, a song called “Night Thoughts”. A track with a more Symphonic character. It even has a little Moog solo. After the short but beautiful Alessandro Serri track “New”. The last track before the medley is called “Talking Frame”. The sax injects some elements of jazz (fusion) into the mix of Classical and Medieval atmospheres. The medley consists of the pieces “You ‘ll Become Rain Pt II”, “Walking Around”, “Landscape and Two”, “Can You Feel me?”, “Eris Pluvia” and “Sarai Pioggia”. In the part “Landscape and Two” Edmondo Romano uses 5 Bolivian flutes. The medley gives you the feeling that your are listening to the radio and are switching channels and little pieces of music pass by.


As a reviewer I enjoyed to rediscover “The Ancient Veil” very much. The album is now more consistent and sounds great. It shows a new and intriguing way to re-release an older work. Must buy for the Ancient Veil and Eris Pluvia fans. An album full of wonderful and blissful melodies. It are interesting times for Ancient Veil fans because this month the band also released an live album entitled “Rings of earthly ... Live”. Looking forward to that one!

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Douwe Fledderus - May 2018 -   - Lizard Records / Mellow Records