Ancient Veil - Rings Of earthly ... Live - 2018


“... the most beautiful melodies. ...”


As you will know by now; Ancient Veil is back in business. After the new album “I am Changing” and the remastered 2018 version of “The Ancient Veil” the band has now released a live album entitled “Rings Of earthly ... Live” on the Open Mind - Lizard Records label. Probably you will also know that Alessandro Serri and Edmond Romano were members of the first installment of Eris Pluvia, a band that released the classic album “Rings Of Earthly Light”. We now have two bands; Eris Pluvia and Ancient Veil. But personally I think that you can consider “Rings Of Earthly Light” as the debut album of Ancient Veil. With this view I am not surprised that the live album of Ancient Veil is called “Rings Of Earthly .. Live”. Also because the musical style of the new Eris Pluvia is quite different. Back in 1985 Eris Pluvia was founded by Alessandro Serri and Edmond Romano. They both left the band in 1992 and with Fabio Serri they created the project Ancient Veil.


Alessandro Serri - vocals, electric & acoustic guitar; Edmond Romano - sopranino, soprano, tenor & bass recorders, soprano sax, clarinet, low whistle, stompin’ bass, hiss; Fabio Serri - vocals, piano and keyboards, programming; Massimo Palermo - electric bass; Marco Fuliano - drums and acoustic guitarĀ 

Valeria Caucino - vocals in “Sell my feelings”
Marco Gnecco - oboe in “New” & “Creature Of the Lake”
Stefano Marelli & Fabio Zuffanti - guitars in “In the rising mist”


So the title is nothing but a word pun that recalls the album “Rings Of Earthly Light” that Serri and Romano composed and produced in 1991 with the band founded by them called Eris Pluvia.

The live album was recorded during two concerts held in 2017 in a place called La Claque in Genoa on May 12 and November 11. This wonderful Live document with a duration of 73 minutes starts with six tracks from “The Ancient Veil” that is now published again with the title “New - The Ancient Veil remastered”, continues with the tracks of “Rings Of Earthly Light” and ends with three pieces taken from “I am Changing”.

In the beautiful “Rings Of Earthly Light” suite you can find a part that is called “Sell my Feelings”. This song (recorded on May 12] is also featuring Valeria Caucino ... the original voice of “Rings Of Earthly Light”. On 11 November the acoustic line was completed by the presence of the oboist Marco Gnecco. On May 12 there were also two extra special guests on the acoustic guitar ... the Finisterre members Fabio Zuffanti and Stefano Marelli.

For a comprehensive review of the tracks I would recommend to read my reviews of the “I am Changing” and “New (The Ancient Veil remastered)” albums. But you will be impressed by these wonderful live performances. One of the highlights of the album is of course the “Rings Of Earthly Light”. A suite of almost 18 minutes. The original album is still considered as a classic album in it’s genre. Personally I have always loved this album. It is great to hear these beautiful tunes in a live setting. Besides the delicate vocal and recorder melodies you can enjoy beautiful sax, piano, synth and guitar parts. The instrumental parts are even more powerful in this live setting. There are both male and female vocal parts in this suite. The contrast between the delicate recorder parts and all the solo’s on the other instruments like the electric guitar, synths, piano and sax are beautifully done. It is very nice to hear Valeria Caucino again in the song “Sell my feelings” ... it is still a breathtaking moment. For me, together with the songs “Pushing Together” and the blissful performance of “In The Rising Mist”, the “Rings Of Earthly Light” suite is absolutely the highlight of this wonderful live document. The band gives a powerful performance of this classic tune.


“Rings of Earthly ... Live” is a must buy for the fans of Ancient Veil (Eris Pluvia) and the lovers of RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano). You can find the most beautiful melodies on this album. If you don’t know the music of Ancient Veil and Eris Pluvia this Live album is the perfect start for you. The album shows a good collection of all Ancient Veil albums. I also think that lovers of the more mellow side of the progressive rock spectrum and the lovers of classical influences in their Prog will enjoy this fine album. Enjoy the music!

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