Baro (prog-jets) - Lucille & Giada / Topic Würlenio - 2019


“... Rock Progressivo Italiano ...”


Behind the nickname Baro hides a bassist singer and multi-instrumentalist Alberto Molesini from the Verona area who played in La Sintesi and in Marygold. progVisions readers will remember the name of Marygold. This double CD that has been released on the Andromeda Relix label includes the first two albums of Alberto Molesini. “Lucillo & Giada“ and “Topic Würlenio“ contain compositions dating back to the early years of the 80’s. The first one “Lucillo & Giada“ is a single song of 44 minutes that is split into 4 scenes. The second one “Topic Wurlenio“ is not a concept album but a collection of songs with politic and utopic themes.


Alberto Molesini (Baro) - lead and backing vocals, bass guitars, keyboards; Gigi Murari - drums

With contributions of:
Paolo Zanella - piano
Massimo Basaglia, Titta Donato, Nicola Rotta - guitars
Elena Cipriano - vocals


As I said before “Lucillo & Giada“ is divided into four scenes. The first scene exist out of the tracks “Danza di Eden I“, “Lamento“ and “Se Vorrai“. “Danza di Eden I“ is a short instrumental piece. Announcing drums, acoustic guitars and piano are setting the atmosphere here. This flows into the song “Lamento“ in which you can find some nice melodies. The instrumental opening has a somewhat classical and uplifting atmosphere. You will notice the catchy and polyphonic vocal melodies in the following parts.  The vocals on the following part “Se Vorrai“ are well taken care of. Multiple voices and nice melodies. Scene two is build around the pieces “L’Inganno di Giada“, “Nel Polo di Eden“ and “Il codice dell Armonia“. “L’Inganno di Giada“ is a more powerful and uptempo piece with a more progressive character. Besides the well cared for vocals you will notice the fine bass playing of Baro. The bass is not dominating but lies in front of the mix of the music. Just listen to “Nel Polo di Eden“. This is a personal favorite of mine. Lovely RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) music with nice electric guitar parts and melodic vocal parts. The last part of this scene is called “Il Codice dell Armonia“. Another highlight with beautiful delicate acoustic guitar playing and very nice vocal melodies. Scene three exits out of the parts “Danza di Eden II“ and “Our Fate Lies Around the Universe“. The “Danza“ part is like part one a short instrumental introduction. The piano is only accompanied by some percussion and a little keyboard orchestration. “Our Fate Lies Around the Universe“ opens with a nice synth melodies and that ever-present bass. In the instrumental parts you can also find some jazz influences. During the synth melodies I had to think of the music of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso. The vocal harmonies are an important part of the music of Baro.the last scene exists out of the parts “I 24 Anziani“, “Il Libra della Vita“ and “Se Vorrai (Il Ritorno)“. In the first part “I 24 Anziani“ the drums of Gigi Murari and the bass of Baro are playing an important role. In the uptempo parts you can find nice synth, guitar and piano solos. The catchy and uplifting vocal harmonies sometimes reminds me of the the Dutch band Silhouette. This is followed by a keyboard and guitar dominated piece “Il Libro della Vita“. This first album closes with “Se Vorrai (Il Ritorno)“ in which some of the melodies of the first scene are returning.

The second album “Topic Würlenio“ exists out of 9 tracks. The album opens with a short instrumental introduction entitled “Mosaico D’Uomo Intro“. Mellotron, organ, synths and Taurus bass pedals give immediately the impression that you will be listening to an album full of progressive rock music. This is confirmed in the following track “Tracce di Un’ Avventura“. Melodic bass playing and a lot of keyboards besides the multi voiced harmonies we know from the first CD. When you listen to the music and in particular the piano solo in the end you will notice some jazz and jazz fusion influences. “Arch The Stomach Contradiction“ has a more delicate opening with Mellotron strings and acoustic guitars. This song develops into one of my personal favorites. Beautiful vocal melodies, fine bass playing and impressive instrumental parts with loads of keyboards and great drumming. It seems all is coming together in this great song. Eight minutes of first class RPI. This highlight is followed by the song Dialogo. A song full of rhythm changes and fine melodies. “Chiare Gocce di Pioggia“ is more laidback and more mellow of character in the first part. It has it’s moments but for me it is not convincing enough. This partly also counts for the following song “Atessa“. However you will find some fine drumming and some nice keyboard parts in this song. The title track “Topic Würlenio“ is more adventurous and fascinating. Again you can enjoy great drumming, fine bass playing and intriguing keyboard parts. This is followed by the short “Variazioni su Chiare Gocce di Pioggia“ in which Baro shows his skills on the bass guitar. The album closes with the strong track “Mosaico D’Uomo“. The bass has been put in the front of the mix again and  the keyboard lovers are richly catered for.


Both albums have their strong points. “Lucillo & Giada“ is a real concept album and in fact a song of 44 minutes that is divided into parts that seamlessly flow into each other. It has more influences of folk and classical music. Personally I am more convinced by the second album “Topos Würlenio“ which includes loads of keyboards and has more a Symphonic and/or Progressive Rock atmosphere. On both albums you can find fine bass playing. A bass that is in the spotlight on those albums. I was also impressed by the fine drumming on those albums. Luckily you don’t have to choose between the albums because you will get both albums in a fine package. One little detail, I would like to have an English translation of the story and lyrics of the four scenes of the first album. Now you will find only the Italian text in the booklet. Alberto Molesini’s Baro and his friends did a wonderful job and thanks to the label Andromeda Relix this music is know available for the lovers of Rock Progressivo Italiano. Check this out for yourself.

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