Baro (prog-jets) - Utopie - 2021


“... carry on the dream ...”


As you could read in my previous BARO review, behind the nickname BARO hides a bassist singer and multi-instrumentalist Alberto Molesini from the Verona area who played in La Sintesi and recently in the band Marygold. The review was about the double CD that includes the first two albums of Alberto Molesini, “Lucillo & Giada“ and “Topic Würlenio“. Now two years later Baro is presenting the album "Utopie". Published again by Andromeda Relix and now distributed by Ma.Ra.Cash Records.


Alberto Molesini (BARO) - lead and backing vocals, bass guitars, keyboards; Gigi Murari - drums and percussion     

With contributions of:
Paolo Zanella - piano
Nicola Rotta, Massimo Basaglia - electric guitar  
Titta Donato - a bass line      


The new album "Utopie" consists out of five compositions and two of them are long suites. The album opens with the song "Non Sento!" (dedicated to Daniela, the wife of BARO) which has commercial qualities and sounds to me like a pop single with amazing instrumentation that sounds fantastic. Of course with an into-your-face bass guitar. What is already certain is that this is a beautiful recording and mastering. A fine and somewhat surprisingly opener of the album with some lovely vocal melodies. But don't be fooled, the next song is a long suite of almost fifteen minutes and the complex rhythms of the first instrumental part show that the band is into the progressive rock business. The suite is divided into the parts "The Tournament", "Good News", "Make It Real", "The Tournament (again)", and "Hide And Forget". The first part "The Tournament" has great organ and synth parts on top of a burning rhythm section. For us prog lovers this is the real opening of the album. And the second part "Good News" shows us that we also have a fine vocalist on board. Yes, this is mister BARO (Alberto Molesini) himself. This seamless flows into a great instrumental part. There is so much going in this part. Not sure if we already landed in part three "Make It Real". The suite feels like one big composition with a lot of variety. In "The Tournament (again)" a now-familiar theme returns. The part "Hide And Forget" ends this amazing suite. "Phase I (Set Your Body Free)" and "Phase II (Set Your Mind Free)" are dedicated to BARO's children Lorenzo, Francesco, and Polina. "Phase I (Set Your Body Free) is a great piece of prog with some great jazz fusion parts. In "Phase I (Set Your Body Free)" the jazzy piano and acoustic guitar provide extra elements in addition to the vocal highlights, which are remarkable in this piece. Also, this piece has some jazz fusion elements, for instance, those lovely synth parts and the electric guitar. And always with that fat bass guitar in front of the mix. Sometimes the music is a little bit hectic but this album is slowly blowing your mind. If this is not enough the album comes to an end with another long suite of almost sixteen minutes. "Runaways" (in memory of dad Renzo) is divided into the parts "Prologue", "Void Journey", "Iron Garden", "River & Mountain", " VJ Reprise", and "Epilogue". Because I don't want to repeat myself, I won't describe this composition part for part. But I can say this, "Runaways" develops with its amazing instrumental passages and fine vocal melodies into my favorite composition of this remarkable album. I would like to mention the amazing keyboard work of Alberto in this final track. I am sure that dad Renzo would be proud.


Well, what can I say more. "Utopie" is a big step forward into the development of BARO Prog Jets. This album has the best I've heard from BARO Prog Jets (so far). I love the seamless fusion of the different parts of the suites. Also the integration of jazz fusion parts in the music I can really appreciate. Because of the many releases in Prog land, this album could be covered in snow (a Dutch saying). Therefore this review is important to inform you about the musical craftsmanship and beauty you can find on this album. Don't say you have never heard of BARO Pro Jets! Recommended by progVisions.

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Douwe Fledderus - April 2021 -  - Andromeda Relix / Ma.Ra.Cash Records