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Celeste - Il Risveglio Del Principe - 2019


“... an album full of delicate and pastoral Prog ...”


For me the name of the Italian band Celeste stands for wonderful and mostly acoustic, delicate and even dreamy progressive rock. Their first album “Celeste“, also known as “Principe di Una Giorno“, was released in the year 1976 by a small record label. The second album (“Celeste II“) was released by the well known Italian label Mellow Records. This album had more jazz influences. On the 1992 soundtrack album “I Suoni in Una Sfera“ the band returned to that pastoral sound. The whole story of the band was presented in the year 2010 by a 4 CD box that also includes the works of the predecessor band Il Sistema and the later works of St.Tropez. And now we are spoiled by an album full of new Celeste music that was recorded by leader Ciro Perrino and a large group of musicians and guests. This album is released under the name “Il Risveglio Del Principe“ by Mellow Records. Happy to see that this label is also back in business.


Ciro Perrino - Mellotron, Eminent, Solina, ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, mini Moog, pianoforte, percussioni sciamaniche, glockenspiel, lead and backing vocals; Enzo Cioffi - drums; Mauro Vero - Acoustic and Electric guitars, backing vocals; Francesco Bertone - bass; Sergio Caputo - violin; Marco Moro - flutes, tenor saxophone; Massimo Dal Pra - pianoforte, Rhodes, harpsichord; Mariano Dapor - violoncello, backing vocals; Marzio Marossa - percussion, backing vocals; Andrea De Martini - Alt and Tenor saxophone 

Alfio Costa - Hammond organ; Elisa Montaldo - voice; Claudia Enrico - rainstick in Qual Fior di Loto and Statue di Sale; Ciro Perrino junior - reciting voice in Qual Fior di Loto, gong in the finale of Fonte Perenne; Ciro, Emma and Sara - Voices at the beginning of Porpora e Giacinto 


The album opens with the track “Qual Fior Di Loto“ in which you can hear the reciting voice of Ciro Perrino junior as an introduction to the song which includes beautiful acoustic Prog with delicate vocals and nice Mellotron, acoustic guitars and flute parts. A beautiful and relaxed opening of a fine RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) album. The following track “Bianca Vestale“ opens with delicate Mellotron strings and develops into a song with influences of Classical music. This is emphasized by the use of real strings like violin and cello. Some of the Mellotron string parts and the flute are giving the piece a kind of pastoral King Crimson vibe. You can find beautiful melodies in this great track. With almost nine minutes the next song “Statue di Sale“ is the longest track of the album. Also in this track you can find delicate acoustic guitar and piano parts next to beautiful violin and flute melodies and delicate Mellotron strings. The music sounds modest and delicate. But this counts for the whole album. A special ingredient in the music of Celeste is the use of the saxophone. But also this instrument is used in a delicate and melodic way. “Principessa Obscura“ with it’s angelic female voice and saxophone in the opening is a beautiful piece of music with wonderful violin and flute melodies, delicate acoustic guitars and nice vocal parts. Again the beautiful flute and Mellotron strings are reminding me of a pastoral King Crimson song. Those Mellotron strings you can find also in the opening of the next song “Fonte Perenne“. Love the contrast of the beautiful violin melodies and the saxophone. “Giardini Di Pietra“ has a wonderful opening with delicate Mellotron strings. Happy flute melodies and little piano parts are contrasting the classical atmosphere of the acoustic and Mellotron strings. What a beautiful piece of music. The album is consistent in style and quality, just listen to the next song “Falsi Piani Lontani“ with it’s beautiful melodies. The album ends with the song “Porpora E Giancinto“. In this song you will find great piano playing next to the flutes, acoustic guitars, saxophone, violin and a delicate drums and percussion accompaniment. Like the opening this song ends with Neo Classical atmospheres.


“Il Risveglio del Principe“ the new Celeste album is an album full of delicate and pastoral Prog. An album full of beautiful melodies and played by a bunch of talented musicians. Of course leader and composer Ciro Perrino is the driving force behind this wonderful project. The album is beautifully recorded and has no weak points. It is a consistent album that will be a must for Celeste fans and fans of RPI in general. If you like the the melllow side of progressive rock you will love this album. Also fans of the pastoral side of King Crimson or acts like the original Eris Pluvia and Ancient Veil will probably love this fine album. Nothing more to say except that this wonderful album is highly recommended by progVisions.

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