Coarbegh - The Sound And Flow Of London Town - 2019


“... A trip through psychedelic London ...”


Coarbegh was once founded as a side-project of the German ArtRock band Poor Genetic Material. You can find several reviews of this band, led by Philipp Jaehne, on my progVisions page. Since the release of their second album “Dark Sky Reserve“, Coarbegh has moved towards the territory of ambient music. Besides composer and keyboardist Philipp Jaehne you can find another familiar name who is participating on this third Coarbegh album. Pia Darmstaedter enriches the electronic music with classic acoustic instruments like flute and alto flute. The music of the new album “The Sound And Flow Of London Town“ is built on and around sounds and atmospheres recorded at places in London.


Pia Darmstaedter - flute, alto flute, voice
Philipp Jaehne - keys, field recordings


On “The Sound And Flow Of London Town“ you can find the following nine tracks; “Passage Of Colours“, “The Magic And Mystery Of Maryon Park“, “Docklands Loops“, “Going Up“, “Blue Station“, “Jubilee At St. John’s Wood“, “6 Seconds To 1:27“, “The Silent Zone“ and “Battersea Dream“.

The basis of those tracks are electronic soundscapes with a duration of between 4 and 7 minutes long. The opening track “Passage Of Colours“ is a good example of the music you will find on this album. The ambient music has a mellow atmosphere. The music gives a feeling of floating through space and the flute of Pia breaths through the music. Short themes and melodies shine through the floating textures. In “The Magic And Mystery Of Maryon Park“ you can clearly hear the field recordings of the rain and birds. Sometimes this kind of ambient music reminds me of the wonderful ambient work of Kit Watkins. In “Docklands Loops“ the tension of the music is slowly building up. Before the music becomes too monotonous the electronic loops are injected with some flute melodies. “Going Up“ is opening with field recordings of environmental noises and delicate piano playing which provides a Brain Eno atmosphere. The flute melodies in the middle section make the music more engaging. The trick is to keep those seven minutes of electronic music enthralling. The piano opening in “Blue Station“ reminds me of the music of Harold Budd but the the music shows also some flashes of Jean-Michel Jarre. “Jubilee At St. John’s Wood“ is a piece with diversity. It has a mysterious opening, some nice synth melodies and parts which are enriched with nice flute melodies. “6 Seconds To 1:27“ has also a very relaxed (piano) opening before the synth loops and beautiful flute melodies are enriching the music. You can find some wonderful melodies in this track. “The Silent Zone“ is also a piece with a mysterious atmosphere. Mellotron strings are even sparingly used. And has the flute of Pia been sampled for this track? The album comes to an end with the track “Battersea Dream“ in which the flute gives the piece a kind of New Age feeling. This is enhanced by the use of the voice of Pia.


Well this is something different then the music I normally review for progVisions. But years ago I also reviewed the ambient work of Kit Watkins. This third Coarbegh album entitled “The Sound And Flow Of London Town“ was my introduction to their music. And I enjoyed listening to these electronic soundscapes. The interplay of synthesizers and electronics on the one side and the classical acoustic instruments on the other gives together a more enthralling end result. The acoustic sound of the flute is not only melody wise an enrichment to the electronic music. The album is consistent in atmosphere and quality. If you like besides your normal dose of Prog also electronic music with a more ambient atmosphere just check this album out. 

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