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“... Journey Trought The Spiral Mind ...”


Maracash Records released this year the 7th Daal album "Daedalus". Daal is a project of Davide Guidoni and Alfio Costa. On this album the duo is accompanied by Ettore Salat and Bobo Aiolfi. The two musicians who were guests on the "Decalogue Of Darkness" album. The album comes in two versions, the normal CD version and a limited box edition (wooden box of only 86 numbered copies) with three extra bonus tracks. The band was so kind to sent me the digipak of the box version with the three bonus tracks and another cover artwork. The artwork for the normal CD version is used for the included poster of the digipak of the limited box version.

Alfio Costa - keyboards, noises;  Ettore Salati - electric guitars;  Bobo Aiolfi -  fretless basses;  Davide Guidoni - acoustic & electronic drums & percussion, keyboards, noises


The album is built around the parts "Journey Trought The Spiral Mind Part 1" and Journey Trought The Spiral Mind Part 2". Between those parts you will find four other tracks. And if you are one of the lucky ones who got their hands on the limited box version, you also have the three (bonus) tracks.

Unsurprisingly (given the title) "Journey Trought The Spiral Mind Part 1" (14:10) opens calmly with a somewhat spacy-feeling soundscape. After two minutes a slow piano and guitar part is added, followed by the beautiful sound of the darbuka. It sounds very atmospheric and melodic. And after four minutes there is a first powerful outburst with heavy guitars and fine rhythm section. The calm piano motif is interspersed twice with these powerful outbursts. But after about 7 minutes, the intensity is ramped up further with freaky Hammond organ and spacy synths. However, the pace remains on the slow side. Gradually this turns into a beautiful melodic Mellotron part, and this develops into my first highlight of this album. The last part of this long track is really beautiful.

The next track "Icarus Dream" (7:26) is a more uptempo track which is more guitar oriented. Halfway through the beautiful and melodic keyboard parts return. And the guitars and keyboards merge into a whole. "Painting Wings" (9:23) has a slow and quiet opening with a Roli Seaboard that gives a Theremin like sound. Then the music gets more powerful with Hammaond organ and fat guitars, and waves of wide keyboard strings follow. This song has a more band like sound until the calm opening theme returns.

"Labyrinth 66 Part 1 & 2" (13:07) has a more experimental character especially with the first part with electronic percussion and synths, noises and loops. The tempo of this song is quite slow and it has a spacy character. In part 2 the guitars, bass, drums and piano come back into the picture and the music becomes more melodic. And you can enjoy beautiful melodic guitar parts and beautiful Mellotron and keyboard strings again. Another highlight for me, very nice when the guitar and keyboard melody lines come together and form a whole.

The normal CD version ends with "Journey Through The Spiral Mind Part 2" (8:01) and opens after a short guitar intro with full keyboard strings and the beautiful melodies are flying around your ears again (a Dutch saying). Then the calm piano theme from part one returns twice briefly, alternating with driving Hammond sounds. The last part is beautiful with lovely melodic Mellotron and guitar parts. Slowly the music works towards a climax in intensity, until the Mellotron whistles bring the song to a close.

The digipak CD version of the limited box has the following three bonus tracks. "Minotaur" (4:20), "Sunrise" (6:43) and "Moonrise" (6:35). The song "Minotaur" could be on a spacy album by an artist who makes electronic music. "Sunrise" is more interesting with the addition of the Seaboard and the delicate electric guitar and bass parts. The music is very atmospheric. And if Mellotron strings are added afterwards, your reviewer will be completely happy. The second part of "Sunrise" is very beautiful. The final bonus track "Moonrise" has a slow opening with delicate instrumentation. The middle part has a full sound due to wide keyboard layers and freaky guitar parts. At the end, the delicate instrumentation of the beginning returns.


Like a friend of mine, I thought at first that the new Daal album "Daedalus" was not as strong as the "Decalogue Of Darkness" album with its full Mellotron carpets. But as I write this review, I have to adjust my original judgment. This album is a little gem that grows with each listen. You can again find beautiful melodies on this album which has some more influences of electronic music. The Mellotron enthusiasts will certainly get their money's worth. The beautiful pieces are a little better hidden. But suddenly finding these parts may give the listener even more satisfaction. Personally, I think this album is very strong and I definitely recommend giving this album a chance.

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