Eveline’s Dust - K - 2019


“... a fine concept album ...”


Eveline’s Dust is an Italian band that was founded in the year 2012. So far they have released the EP “Time Changes“ (2012) and a full length concept album under the name “The Painkeeper“ (2016). The new album simply entitled “K“ is also a concept album. It tells he story of K, a girl whose life is inevitable affected by an incurable illness. Each composition describes the various people that K meets. The album has been released by the label Giant Electric Pea.


Nicola Pedreschi - keyboards, vocals; Lorenzo Gherarducci - guitar, backing vocals; Marco Carloni - bass; Angelo Carmignani - drums

Guest musicians:
Lorenza Catricala - vocals, backing vocals on Faintly Falling
Federico Avella - sax, transverse flute
Nicolo Zappavigna - cello on Faintly Falling


The album “K“ opens with a song called “A New Beginning“. It has a nice slow opening with delicate vocals and repetitive guitar. But soon the song develops into an uptempo song with aggressive guitar parts and nice synth melodies. It is a track with great diversity because a jazz influenced part brings us back to the second vocal verse which is followed by nice piano and synth and guitar solo’s. A great opener that is followed by “Fierce Fear Family“ which is of course a song about family. An uptempo song with great drumming and aggressive guitar parts. Musically it has some Rush meets Porcupine Tree atmospheres. But the vocals parts are more mellow which gave a nice contrast. Also the saxophone gives some extra colors to this piece. These two fine tracks are followed by my first personal favorite, the song “Hope“. The delicate opening with ambient piano, acoustic guitar and transverse flute reminds me of the best Steven Wilson songs. After the first vocal verses the atmosphere slowly becomes more dark and threatening before surprisingly changing into a jazz influenced instrumental part. The lovely synth solo’s in the end are also bringing back the vocals. After an uptempo part the song ends with the refinement of the opening. Also the title track K has those dark atmospheres we know of the music of Steven Wilson. Just follow the lyrics; Alone I’m just a wretched being drying out. If I have to wait in fear  I’d rather just go know. “Lost In A Lullaby“ has beautiful and melodic guitar parts and the combination of male and feminine vocals in the catchy refrains is an enrichment to the music. In the end the music becomes more heavy and threatening like a Porcupine Tree song. After all this power the band slows down with the beautiful ballad “Faintly Falling“ which is sung by guest Lorenza Catricala. A great song with nice vocal melodies. Love the use of an instrument like the cello in Progressive Rock music. Nicolo Zappavigna provides for an extra flavor in the music. The album ends with another highlight, “Rain Over Gentle Travellers“. Delicate vocals, piano and guitar playing in the first four minutes of this song with beautiful melodies. In the second part which is more uptempo and powerful the fine synth parts and guitar solo’s are returning. A worthy ending of this fine concept album.


For me this was a fine introduction to the music of Eveline’s Dust. You have to take your time to digest this album. The album grows every time you listen to it. So only after some spins the album will reveal its true beauty. The band is developing their own sound but I think this album will be interesting to fans of the work of Steven Wilson. See this as a compliment guys! 

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Douwe Fledderus - July 2019 -   - Giant Electric Pea