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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

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Edmondo Romano - Sonno Eliso - 2012

“... open your eyes to the world and you are in duality...”

After writing a review for the new Ancient Veil album “I am Changing”, Edmondo Romano (ex Eris Pluvia) asked me if I was interested in his two solo albums “Sonno Eliso” (2012) and “Missive Archetipe” (2014). As an open minded music lover I was of course interested in his work. The man worked with countless musicians on many prog, classical, Celtic and contemporary music projects. To be honest I am not sure if those albums are interesting for the standard progressive rock lover. But the word progressive also means that you are open for new and contemporary music styles. In that way it is not strange to find a review of Edmondo Romano's solo work on progVisions.

Edmondo Romano - soprano sax, clarinet, duduk, low whistle, santur; Mario Arcari - oboe; Alessio Pisani - bassoon, contrabassoon; Roberto Piga - violin, viola; Kim Schiffo - cello; Fabio Vernizzi - piano; Riccardo Barbera - double bass; Ares Tavolazzi - double bass (Preghiera); Marco Fadda - tabla, stomp box, zarb, darabouka, riqq, cangira, zils; Elias Nardi - oud; Daniele Bicego - horn; Luca Montagliani - accordion

“Sonno Eliso” is the first part of a trilogy about communication. This first part is dedicated to Masculin/Feminine. If you see the list of all the different instruments that are used on this album you can imagine that the music must be categorized under the label contemporary music with influences of jazz, classical and world music. The open minded (and jazz) music lover will know the name of the Italian trumpet player Paolo Fresu. In his written preface on the album cover he talks about a limitless musical patchwork with no geographical or territorial frontiers. He described the album as a musical multi colored fresco that obtains information from the past but turns to a future that becomes real thanks to many Northern African influences and the cold Northern European spaces as well as the classical and popular music. Well what can I say more, Paolo Fresu nailed it with this sentence.

To me it has no sense to review every single track of this remarkable album. It is a passionate trip in a beautiful musical world. But I would like to highlight some tracks. The violin melody of “Canto di lei” (Theme of Her) is of an unprecedented beauty. In “Preghiera” (Prayer) the oud of Elias Nardi is giving the piece a typical Northern African atmosphere. An except from a traditional Turkish song is used in this composition. Another highlight is the piece “Fiato” (Breath). A breathtaking duduk melody is accompanied by delicate and wonderful string melodies. This is pure bliss. The piece is followed by “Intercessione” (Intercession) in which you find delicate piano and cello parts. There is so much beauty on this album. In “Canto di lui” (Theme of Him) the counterpart of “Canto di lei” (Theme of Her) you can find a nice oboe melody. Most of the tracks have (neo) classical or contemporary atmospheres. The album ends with the wonderful “Risonanza” (Resonance) in which the tension of the music is slowly building up by pulsing and repeating rhythms. As a bonustrack you can find a video of “Corpo” on this album. Just put the album in the drive of your computer.

“Sonno Eliso” of Edmondo Romano is a very strong first part of a trilogy about communication. A beautiful musical patchwork with (Neo) classical and Northern African atmospheres. If you are open to contemporary and classical music, you can find pure musical bliss on this remarkable album. An album for the open minded (prog) music lover.

Douwe Fledderus - June 2017
rating - EdenP/Felmay


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