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... Gall a project from Millenium vocalist Lukasz Gall ...


Gall is a project from the vocalist Lukasz Gall of the Polish band Millenium. The compositions and the performance on this wonderful album are established by the help of musicians from the Polish bands Albion, Moonrise, Loonypark, Nemezis and Millenium. The album is recorded in the Lynx Music studio by Ryszard Kramarski (Millenium) who was also responsible for the mixing process. The debut solo album of Lukasz Gall is entitled “Anonym”.


Lukasz Gall - lyrics, vocals; Krysstof Malec (Albion) - keyboards; Piotr Plonka (Millenium) - guitars; Grzegorz Bauer (Nemezis) - drums; Piotr Mazurkiewicz (ex-Millenium) - bass; Krysztof Lepiarczyk (Loonypark) - keyboards; Marcin Kruczek (Nemezis) - guitars; Kamil Konieczniak (Moonrise) - keyboards, guitars; Jerzy Antczak (Albion) - guitars


I wanted to introduce the progVisions readers to this album because in my opinion “Anonym” is one of the better Neo-prog albums of the year 2010 and the Polish band Millenium is still underrated in the prog scene. Maybe this is because there is so much musical talent in Poland and there are a lot of good progressive rock bands. The musical style of this album can be compared with the music Gall is making with Millenium. But the compositions are more based around the melodic vocal lines of Lukasz Gall. The atmosphere of the music is very relaxed.

After the atmospheric intro “Anonym” by Ryszard Kramarski, “In The Mirror Of Dreams” is the first real track of the album. The music is composed by Albion keyboardist Krysstof Malec. In this relaxed Neo-prog song with nice keyboard work you can hear some wonderful vocal melodies. Millenium guitarist Piotr Plonka plays a melodic guitar solo. The next track is composed by Krysztof Lepiarczyk, the keyboardist of Loonypark. “Disaster Calls Another” has beautiful vocal lines and has some nice up tempo instrumental parts and a great synth solo. A good prog song with diversity. “Highway Of The Galaxy” is a composition of the Moonrise keyboardist and guitarist Kamil Konieczniak. The song opens with acoustic guitars and a melodic electric guitar part. Lukasz Gall shows here that he is a fantastic singer. The music has a lot of melody and the vocal lines are wonderful. You will immediately notice that the songs work well together and all of them includes great melodies. “Flying In Circles” (a Krysstof Malec song) is for me one of the highlights of the album ... it is a ballad with beautiful vocal melodies and delicate keyboard and guitar work. Another highlight is the song “Evening Sun” (Krysztof Lepiarczyk) that has delicious synth solo’s and melodic guitar parts. The structure of the album is very good. The slow “All Believers” (Kamil Konieczniak) is maybe the most beautiful song of this album ... the vocal melodies are amazing. The album closes with the Krysstof Malec song “Irish Dance” which has some catchy vocal refrains and the Kamil Konieczniak song “Fool's Don't Lie” that opens with a melodic guitar part. Also in this last song the vocal melodies are very strong.


“Anonym” is a wonderful album full of melodic Neo-prog. You can find some amazing vocal melodies on this album. The instrumentation is melodic and has a somewhat mellow and relaxed character. The compositions are written by the keyboard players of the Polish bands Albion, Loonypark and Moonrise. The songs work well together and the result is a consistent album without any weak parts. Highly recommended for the lovers of melodic Neo-prog ... and a must for all Millenium fans. Speaking about Millenium, the band has released a new (double) album entitled “Puzzels”. Keep an eye on the album review section of progVisions!

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