Galaad - Frat3r - 2019


Swiss band Galaad makes a glorious return in the Prog scene ...


One of the biggest surprises of the last years ... the return of the Swiss band Galaad. The Moutier based band was formed in 1988. A bunch of childhood friends, autodidact in the beginning, had the desire to play music and developing their own sound and repertoire. On the famous Musea label they released two albums. In the year 1993 the band debuted with the album “Premier Fevrier” and the successor “Vae Victis” followed in the year 1996. The following year the band disappeared from the radar. Galaad was reformed in 2016 and had their stage reunion the following year. Personally I am delighted that the band reformed in the original lineup which means that Piere-Yves Theurillat is again responsible for the passionate sung French vocals, that Gianni Giardiello is playing the keyboards and synths. Together with Sebastian Froidevaux on guitar, Gerard Zuber on bass and Laurent Petermann on drums. Those musicians are responsible for the characteristic Galaad sound. Galaad is back in the Prog scene!


Piere-Yves Theurillat - vocals; Gianni Giardiello - keyboards and synths; Sebastian Froidevaux - guitars; Gerard Zuber - bass; Laurent Petermann drums


To be honest, your reviewer is very exited about the return of the band and the release of their new album “Frat3r”. Galaad was (and is) one of the few (Neo) Prog bands who had (and has) an exceptional singer who is bringing his vocals with great passion. Think of Christian Decamps from Ange who is also singing in the French language or some singers from the RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) scene.

The new album “Frat3r” is an album full of passionate music. Just listen to the opener “La Machine”. A passionate performance of Piere-Yves Theurillat. It seems that the lyrics are coming straight from his heart. And all this on top of a broad keyboard orchestration and venomous synth and soaring guitar injections. There is so much passion in this music. This is followed by the short instrumental song “Moloch” which includes a beautiful and soaring guitar solo. After these two overwhelming songs the band slows down with the ballad Kim. A fine rhythm section with nice (fretless) bass playing and lovely melodic guitar parts and vocal harmonies. With more than nine minutes “Stone” is the longest song of this remarkable album. After the first vocal parts that are accompanied with a brooding instrumentation and when you feel that the tension is slowly building up there is out of the blue an amazing vocal melody that will take you by surprise. Luckily that beautiful part can be heard again before the music becomes more dense. You can enjoy great keyboard parts and soaring guitar parts while the tension is rising. Well this is definitely one of the highlights of this album because it all comes together in this song full of diversity. The beautiful melodies, the fine instrumental parts and the passionate vocals. “Justice” is a more up-tempo song with a lot of power and is more Rock oriented.. I love the fact that the music of Galaad is keyboard (dominated) drenched. This is followed by “Merci (Pur)” which opens with percussion and a Sitar like guitar sound. A diverse song with some catchy vocal refrains. I believe this song with single potential was the first new song that was presented to the public via the download platforms of the band. You can find lovely synth solo’s and both aggressive and melodic guitar parts In “Encore!” And always those passionate sung vocals. This is a consistent album without weak points. The album ends with the beautiful title track “Frat3r”. A passionate song with beautiful vocal melodies. There is of course a little word trick with the title of the album. The title has a mirrored E which becomes the number 3. Yes “Frat3r” is the third album of Galaad.


With their third album “Frat3r” the Swiss band Galaad makes a glorious return in the Prog scene. The band in the original lineup guarantees a characteristic and recognizable sound. It is a consistent album without weak points. An album full of passionate sung vocals and musical intensity. The keyboards have an important role in the music of Galaad. If you liked one of the first two albums of the band this is an album for you ... a must buy for the Galaad fan. And if you don’t know the music of Galaad yet this could be a nice introduction. Highly recommended by progVisions!

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