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“... more accessible for a bigger audience ...”


In July 2019 I wrote that the Swiss band Galaad after an absence of more than 20 years made a glorious return in the prog scene with their third album "Frat3r". Personally for me one of the biggest surprises of the last years. It is a consistent album without weak points. After positive reviews in the press, the band now returns with their fourth studio album entitled "Paradis Posthumes". The album is released on the Lokita Records label.


Piere-Yves Theurillat - vocals, lyrics; Gianni Giardiello - keyboards, synths; Sebastian Froidevaux - guitars, choirs; Gerard Zuber - bass; Laurent Petermann drums


You can find the following 11 tracks on this remarkable album; "Terra", "Apocalypse", "Moments', "Le rêve d unité", "Amor vinces", "La douleur", "L'instinct, I'instant", "Ton ennemi", "Paradis posthumes", "Jour sideral", and "Divine".

The album opens with the short track "Terra", a festive song with a positive vibe. You will think that this sets the tone of the album. But this is partly true because the following track is called "Apocalypse". With more than eight minutes one of the three long tracks of the album. A powerful track with passionately sung vocals and lovely synth melodies and fine guitar parts. Most of the time the band goes full throttle. Except for the last few minutes when the band comes with beautiful vocal melodies and nice melodic guitar parts. This paves the way to the next song "Moments". A ballad with lovely vocal melodies and some Marillion references. Especially if you listen to the fine guitar and synth parts. This kind of tracks makes the music of Galaad more accessible to the mainstream and neo-prog enthusiast. "Le rêve d unité" (a personal favourite) with its catchy vocal melodies also fulfils the above remark. Sometimes I have to think of the music of the French band Arrakeen. In "Amor vinces" the band alternates the powerful and passionate sung vocal parts with delicate vocal parts that are accompanied with melodic guitars parts. Some of the guitar work reminds me of the work of Steve Rothery (Marillion). But don't misunderstand me, the band has a unique own musical style. Just listen to the following songs "La douleur" and "L'instinct, I'instant". The band has with Piere-Yves Theurillat a great vocalist who recites his own lyrics with dedication and a lot of passion. "L'instinct, I'instant" which has some nice vocal choirs, in the end, is one of those three longer tracks where the other musicians have more time to show their musical qualities. Sebastian Froidevaux on guitars and Gianni Giardiello on keyboards really convince on this album. Of course not without underestimating the rhythm section which is formed by Gerard Zuber (bass) and Laurent Petermann (drums). You can hear that this mature sounding band is still performing in their original line-up. Gerard Zuber is responsible for those lovely (fretless) bass parts in the song "Ton ennemi". A song with some more contemporary influences and great vocal melodies. Then it is time for the title track "Paradis posthumes" which opens with nice vocal choirs and great vocal parts. While writing this review I realise that this fourth Galaad album has the potential to reach far more fans. Why? Just because the band has written wonderful melodies for this album and therefore it is more accessible for a bigger audience. The last of the three long songs is "Jour sideral" which opens with a classical piano part and delicate vocals. This song is one of my personal favourites of this fine album. Very slowly the tension of the music is building up towards climaxes with great melodic guitar and synths solo's. Then the classical piano returns while Piere-Yves Theurillat sings the next vocal part. Also the melodic guitar returns in the end. What a great song! The album closes with the song "Divine". A slow song with nice keyboard orchestrations from Gianni Giardiello and nice melodic guitar parts of Sebastian Froidevaux.


The Swiss band Galaad convinces with this fourth studio album entitled "Paradise posthumes". Overall, this album has more melody than its predecessor "Frat3r" and therefore it is more accessible for a bigger audience. In my humble opinion, the band deserves that bigger audience. I would like to invite all neo-prog fans and fans of the bands like Ange and Gens de la Lune, who also sing in French, to listen to this fine album. Highly recommended by progVisions.

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Douwe Fledderus - May 2021 -  - Lokita Records