Gazpacho - Gazpacho - 2002


Firstly I have to explain that Gazpacho is a soup composed by raw crushed vegetables that you have to drink very cold. It´s a typical dish from southern Spain and it´s a jewel of Mediterranean diet. Seemingly easy to cook, the trick of its peculiar taste is the dosage of the condiments. This simple but exquisite mixture has inspired these guys to name the band, because they also think they´re a blend of peculiar persons that provides their music an original attitude. Although they admit that the song "Gazpacho" by Marillion has also been a point of inspiration for the name because in that song the Gazpacho is used as a metaphor of the blood everybody have inside, and so their music flows.

The ingredients of this Gazpacho are:
Jan H."O" - vocals, Jon A. Vilbo - guitars, Thomas Andersen - keyboards and Roy Funner - bass.


Well, after all this explanation (I hope I´ve understood Jon) trying to explain the meaning of the name of this new Norwegian band, I´ll talk about the four tracks included in this promotional CD that is not for sale but you can listen to if you visit and there you´ll have further information.

"Sea of Tranquility" (5:14) is a restful track, a walk along your imagination with aromas of melancholy that takes me to the nostalgia of a love story lived long time ago. I think that the melancholy surged from the choruses that remains that sad Russian songs. A very beautiful and moving love song but I also think it is very simple.

"Ghost" (5:24) is another simple and beautiful track. The song is very catchy and mainstream but it has a lot of style.

"Nemo" (3:54) A song very well structured. The lyricism and the energy are perfectly blended here. Some reviewers have compared Gazpacho to the current Marillion and this is the only track where I find a link between both bands, although this track transports me to "Brave" era. This is a magnificent track I like a lot.

"Bravo" (6:40) is, without any doubt, the best track of the whole CD, more arranged and more complex, plenty of suggestions and multiple nuances and with an instrumental part with Celtic flavor. Here Sir Jan does his best singing, passing from a suggestive voice to a passion discharge.


The conclusion is very easy: the songs are very good but if they want to reach the progressive audience, they should work more on arrangements and make them deeper and more complex. Although the most reasonable thing is that Gazpacho play the music they want to, without prejudices. It´s hard for me to rate this CD because it´s only a promotional copy, but I think this band has style enough for recording an amazing first album. I hope it will happen soon.

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