Gazpacho - London - 2011



“Norwegian post-progressive art rockers recorded in London”


Gazpacho was formed in Oslo in 1996 by childhood friends Jon-Arne Vilbo and Thomas Andersen along with Jan-Henrik Ohme (later joined by Mikael Krømer, Robert R Johansen and Kristian Torp). The band have honed their unique sound, and a substantial international fan-base, over a string of critically acclaimed albums and numerous tours, including several with long-time supporters Marillion.


Jan-Henrik Ohme - vocals; Thomas Andersen - keyboards; Jon-Arne Vilbo - guitars; Mikael Krømer - violins & mandolin; Kristian Olav Torp - bass; Lars Erik Asp - drums


The Norwegian band Gazpacho developed over the years an unique sound and made some great albums. Just listen to albums like “When Earth Lets Go” (2004), “Firebird” (2005), “Night” (2007), “Tick Tock” (2009) and “Missa Atropos” (2010). Before “Missa Atropos” the band released the wonderful live CD/DVD set “A Night at Loreley” (2010). So I was a little bit surprised that the band is now releasing a new double CD of one of the shows of the “Missa Atropos” tour, simply entitled “London”. In the booklet you can read the story about that night in London and how the band got their hands on the recordings of that night. A great remembering for all the fans that witnessed one of the “Missa” shows. Almost every song from that album you can find on this delicious album. “Missa Atropos”, a concept album, is about someone who decides to cut off all ties to the world and relocate himself to an abandoned lighthouse where he intends to write the final mass for the greek goddess Atropos one of the daughters of night.

It is almost impossible to describe the music Gazpacho is making. You just have to listen to it. The music is often described as post-progressive art-rock. The band mixes progressive rock with ambient passages and their compositions have a cinematic character. The music is often hypnotic, you will be sucked into the music. Gazpacho is just making Gazpacho music ... and I just love it. The use of the violin gives the music an extra dimension ... it brings some folk influences from the Nordic. Often the tension of the music is slowly building up towards a kind of climax.


“London” is a must have for Gazpacho fans. And I would recommend this album to adventurous prog lovers. Fans that are open to the unique music of this wonderful band from Norway. It is a great live document from the “Missa Atropos” tour. Highly recommended!

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