Gösta Berlings Saga - Glue Works - 2011



“For glue to work it is of importance that the molecules involved are polarized - that is, they have a positive end and a negative end.”


Gösta Berlings Saga is a Swedish band that makes an unique mix of instrumental progressive rock with some Avant Garde influences. Their music is heavy, dark, hypnotic, melodic and beautiful at the same time. The band has an unique sound and are signed by Cuneiform Records for their third release entitled “Glue Works”. The album is mixed and produced by Mattias Olsson, known of his work with Änglagård and White Willow.


Gabriel Hermansson - bass guitar, Moog Taurus; Einar Baldursson - guitars; David Lundberg - Fender Rhodes, Mellotron, synthesizers; Alexander Skepp - drums and percussion

Additional musicians;
Fredrik Carlson - French horn, trumpet; Cecilia Linné - cello; Mattias Olsson - additional hidden & lost sounds; Leo Svensson - musical saw; Ulf Åkerstedt - bass tuba, bass trumpet, contrabass trumpet, bass harmonica.


The album opens with “354”, a melodic piece of instrumental progmusic with a pounding bass. That bass lies prominent in the mix, this must be the hand of Änglagård man Mattias Olsson. The music of Gösta Berlings Saga is original and the band's music can't be compared to other bands and is difficult to describe for a reviewer. The atmosphere and the energy of the music reminds me of a band like Djam Karet. In the end of the track you can hear the musical saw that is wonderfully integrated in the music.

“Icosahedron” is a short track with a slow and delicate opening. The intensity of the music is slowly building up. Beautiful melodies are combined with agressive/complicated guitar parts. The end is as delicate as the opening of this track.

After this it is time for one of the two long tracks of this album. “Island” brings us more than 12 minutes of hypnotic progressive rock. The opening is beautiful and classical with musical saw, cello and contrabass. After this the band joins with a dark pounding bass and the music becomes more complex. The music becomes more uptempo and the tension of the music is building up to a kind of climax.

“Gliese 581g” opens with a repetitive slow tune played on the Fender Rhodes and glockenspiel. A tune with a beautiful melody. After this, rhytm guitar and percusion is bringing the song to it's end. In the short “Waves” you can hear melodic Mellotron and synthesizer tunes in combination with repetitive percussion.

“Geosignal” is an intriguing and slow tune. And it works like an intro to the second long track of the album entitiled “Sorterargatan 1”. Everything comes together in the highlight of this album. Beautiful melodies, intriguing, repetitive and hypnotic sounds. The track is diverse and has several rhytm changes. Towards the end the tension of the music is slowly building up. There is also a beautiful cello part. And when this is combined with Mellotron strings you are slowly floating towards progheaven. For me this track is the highlight of the album.


“Glue Works” the 3rd album of the instrumental progressive rock band Gösta Berlings Saga is a real progressive jem. You have to listen to it several times before it reveales it's real beauty. Gösta Berlings Saga is a band with an unique own sound and this third album has mystical and magical moments. “Glue Works” is an album recommended to the open-minded proglover.

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Douwe Fledderus - August 2011 -   - Cuneiform Records