Gerots Synthezis Group - Utolsó háború [Last war] - 2000

Since the Synthezis was formed, officials always asked: where our music could have been ranged to: contemporary music, jazz or rock?
Well, all of them at the same time.
History of music has overcome the great experiences - time of synthesis has arrived.
(Zoltán Gerots)


Normally we start our progVisions reviews with a small introduction to, and history of the artist or band. In this case it is impossible for me to write this introduction. Simply because I don't know anything about this band, except that it is a trio led by keyboard player Zoltán Gerots. This guy is from Hungary and released this CD on the Hungarian record label Periferic Records.


The line-up of the trio: Zoltán Gerots - Keyboards, Christine von Fáy - bass guitar, 12 string guitar, violoncello, Sultan MCT - drums.


The CD opens with "Grave" (2:07) a very dark and slow tune on syntheziser and a plucking bass guitar. The second track is up-tempo and is called "Praeludium" (2:36). The synth sounds reminds me of Keith Emerson. For me most of the time the tempo is to high. But the band is showing us their skills. The third track "Area B-15" (3:59) is in the same vein but has more variation. I like it a lot more. My thoughts go again to Emerson Lake & Palmer. "Taking off" (3:30) has all kinds of influences. There is not only ELP but also jazz and classical Baroque influences. The bass of Christine sounds fat and fretless. Then "Radarzone" (3:59) for me one of the better tracks because the tempo is not so high and there are nice synth sounds. And the opening with the violoncello is great. The track sometimes reminds me of the later work of the French violin player Jean-Luc Ponty who also uses a lot of synthesizers to orchestrate his music.

Then it is again an up-tempo start with "Over stormy clouds" (3:23). But the track develops more into a kind of jazz-fusion with synth solos. After all those short tracks of three minutes, I am happy to hear a longer track "The sleeping town" (5:25). It seems there is more time to slow down a little bit and the track is more relaxed. There is time for some nice melodies. I like this kind of music better, and the bass sounds are nice and relaxed. This is followed by the longest track of the album called "Target" (7:18). The opening is again up-tempo. I get a little bit nervous of this up-tempo stuff. But maybe it is the best track also. The music is dominated by syntheziser and the bass is again great. In Zoltan's music you can hear he is grown up with European baroque and must be a fan of Emerson and Vangelis. "Fighting for survival" (2:19) is a showcase for the bass and drums. The bass playing is incredible in this track. "Vae victis" (3:05) is again a short one. Heavy and slow keyboard parts followed by a nice melody. "Gammaray" (4:14) is again up-tempo. A nice track but after all the up-tempo syntheziser and bass parts, the slow organ sound in the last track "Miserere" (3:27) is very welcome to me.


All three musicians have very good skills on their instruments. But I would like to hear some longer compositions with slow and up-tempo parts in the same track. There are some nice pieces on this short (45:51) CD. But it is all so fast and short. When a track is ending the music is cut off immediately. As if there is not enough room on the CD. People who like the synths of Emerson or Vangelis and are open for a mix of Classical and jazz and Progressive music must first listen to this CD in their local music-shop. It's is not everybody's cup of tea

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Douwe Fledderus - December 2000 -   - Periferic Records