Indrek Patte - Cinemanic - 2017


“... a strong cinematic character ...”


Indrek Patte is an Estonian musician, singer-songwriter, recording engineer and producer. At the age of 16 he wrote his first songs and began playing in local bands. In the beginning of the 80’s Indrek took part in various pop bands as a lead singer. In 1984, Indrek started working as a recording engineer and producer. Since then he has recorded, mixed and produced over150 CD’s from most well-known Estonian singers and ensembles. He recorded albums together with bands like Ruja and Linn Tee and wrote music for several film soundtracks. In 2011 he released his first solo album “Celebration”, an album full of progressive rock music (Recommended by progVisions). In 2014 his second solo album “Thank and Share” was released. In November 2017 his third solo album “Cinemanic” was released on Strangiato Records. A mostly instrumental album full of Symphonic Rock and ambient influenced pieces.


Indrek Patte - keyboards, vocals, additional guitars, programming; Raul Jaanson - guitar (1-6,9); Vladislav Reinfeldt - bass guitar (2,5,7); Andrus Lillepea - drums (2,5,7); Toomas Vanem - guitar (7); Priidik Soon - flute (9); Hendrik Soon - violin (9)


This album contains film soundtracks for the television series Waba Riik (Free State, tracks 2,4,5,10) and Kired (Passions, track 7), for television documentary film Lapin (1,3), for television documentary series DeStudio (6), for television documentary film Tallinn, Tallinn (9) and the soundtrack for photography exhibition Doors (8). The album material was originally recorded and mixed in 1991-2004 and some additional parts were recorded in 2017. “Cinemanic” was remixed and mastered by Indrek Patte In 2017.

Opener “Rhythm Of Creation” from the documentary film Lapin opens like an electronic and ambient piece but develops into an uptempo Rock piece with freaky synth sounds. Those synth sounds are lying on top of a monotonous rhythm pattern. Later on the electric guitar is also joining the party. The end is again ambient with spacey synths and a sample of the sound of a crying baby. “Waba Riik” a piece for a television series is a pure Symphonic Rock piece with uplifting guitar melodies and a great synth solo. “Red Dragon’s Trail” is dedicated to the Estonian people who were deported to Siberia by the Soviet regime. A dark piece that shows the darkness of that time. It is a keyboard drenched piece with some great Mellotron strings and some freaky guitar stuff with a King Crimson vibe. “Looking For A Sign” has a lighter atmosphere and I had think of the wonderful releases on the Narada label. A piece with cinematic and New Age qualities. You can find wonderful guitar parts in this song. In the next song “From Shadows into Light” those guitar parts are combined with mysterious keyboard orchestrations. In the second part the shadows are gone and the atmosphere of the music is lighter. Again you can enjoy lovely guitar and synth parts. The next song “Complications” with a duration of more than 10 minutes is the longest track of the album. This track is composed for the photography exhibition Doors. It is a long ¬†soundscape with a somewhat experimental atmosphere. The electric guitar and the electronic effects are making this piece. Listening to the guitar bits I had to think of the music of David Torn. It will be more interesting to see the images also when you are listening to this music. The contrast is high with the next track “Passions” which is pure emotion. With breathtaking melodies this is a little gem. Soaring guitar solo’s and beautiful synth melodies are making this piece my favorite song. With it’s spacey synths the first part of “Door To Source” has a strong New Age vibe. But it develops into a Tangerine Dream like composition. “Sunset Glow” is the only vocal piece of the album. Beautiful fretless bass, flute and violin are accompanying the delicate sung vocal parts. The album ends with a song called “Behind The Skies”. This is also a track with an ambient atmosphere.¬†


As the title “Cinemanic” indicates you will mostly find tracks here with a strong cinematic character. You can find great guitar and keyboard parts on this album. The price for the most beautiful melodies goes to my favorite Passions. The melodies in this track are out of this world and breathtaking. The album is a mixture of ambient atmospheres and Symphonic Prog music. But you can also find David Torn like guitar pieces with a somewhat experimental atmosphere here. I find Cinemanic an intriguing album. This album not only could attract lovers of Symphonic Rock music but also lovers of soundtracks and electronic music in general. If you are a mainstream progressive rock fan I recommend that you start with Indrek Pate’s debut album “Celebration”. Indrek Patte is putting Estonia again on the map of progressive music.

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