Il Segno Del Comando - L’ Incanto Dello Zero - 2018


A more darker side of the Italian RPI scene ...


The Italian band Il Segno Del Comando was founded back in 1995 but after the release of two albums, the 1997 self titled debut album and the 2002 “Der Golem” album, the band disappeared from the dark side of the Italian Progressive scene until 2010 when leader Diego Banchero started a new line-up of the Il Segno Del Comando project. So after a long hiatus this new lineup released the “Il Volto Verde” album in 2013. After a self produced and limited edition CD with some old songs that were recorded live in the studio with the new lineup, the label Black Widow Records released  last year the new album entitled “L’ Incanto Dello Zero”.


Diego Banchero - bass and programming; Riccardo Morello - vocals; Roberto Lucanto - guitars; Davide Bruzzi - guitars and keyboards; Bepop Menozzi - keyboards; Fernando Cherchi - drums

Maethelyiah - vocals (5,10)
Paul Nash - guitars (5,10)
Luca Scherani - keyboards, arrangements and programming  (6) Martina Larcher - vocals (3)


The album opens with the short but excellent intro-track “Il Senza Ombra”. An atmospheric instrumental opener with dark church organ in the vein of that other dark Italian band Goblin. It is a kind of introduction to the song “Il Calice Dell’ Oblio”. The organ plays an important role in the music of Il Segno Del Comando but you can also enjoy nice synths and guitar parts. And however the music has an overall dark atmosphere the vocal melodies are not. I find this combination intriguing. This is followed by another beautiful short track, “La Grande Quercia”, which is sung by guest Martina Larcher. A delicate song with the loveliest melodies ... that reminds me of contrasts that you can find in horror movie soundtracks. The transition to the next song “Sulla Via Della Veglia” is abrupt. After an uptempo Rock opening the atmosphere is changing again when singer Riccardo Morello sings his first vocal lines. You can find beautiful vocal melodies on this album. As a Dutch guy I can’t understand the Italian lyrics but musically is sounds more uplifting than some of the music on this album. I like that contrast and also the fact that the band is using their native language because in that way the typical Italian atmosphere is guaranteed. In “Al Cospetto Dell’ Inatteso” the organ and synths reminds me again of the band Goblin. A band that gave a wonderful performance at the latest edition of the Art Rock Festival in Reichenbach last year ... but that is another story. This uptempo song develops into a song with Rock vibes until that creepy organ returns. The next short song “Lo Scontro” is special for me because my friend Luca Scherani is responsible for the keyboards, arrangements and programming. But you can find also beautiful guitar melodies in this song. “Nel Labirinto Spirituale” is a delicate song with beautiful vocal melodies. Your reviewer is positively surprised by the diversity of this fine album. What a beautiful song .. a kind of ballad with amazing vocal melodies and a lovely soaring guitar in the end. This is followed by a song called “Le 4 a”. This is a great song song with threatening atmospheres and some screaming guitar solo’s in the end. “Il Mio Nome E Menzogna” opens with fat organ, synths and dark guitars. It has beautiful transitions to the vocal verses. This is accomplished by the use of an acoustic guitar. Together with some nice synth melodies this gives a nice contrast with the overall dark atmosphere of the song. After an abrupt ending we can enjoy the last two songs of the album. The first one is called “Metamorfosi”. One of the two songs on this album with a vocal contribution of Maethelyiah. The use of male and female voices in the music Of Il Segno Del Comando increases the diversity of the music further. The album ends with the short outro “Aseita” in which the bass of Diego Banchero plays the lead role. A worthy ending of a remarkable album.


“L’Incanto Dello Zero” the new Il Segno Del Comando album is in my opinion a typical Black Widow Records release. The music could be categorized as a more darker side of the Italian RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) movement. This said the album has also another ingredient, a more uplifting and melodic side especially by the vocal melodies. A special trademark of the band is the important role of the organ and synths in the music. Sometimes this will remind you of the work of Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin. The band that specializes in horror movie soundtracks. “L’Incanto Dello Zero” of the Italian band Il Segno Del Comando is a remarkable album which has the so needed diversity in this kind of music to keep it fascinating and intriguing. Your reviewer enjoyed listening to this album very much. This said the album only reveals its real beauty after several listening sessions. Open your mind and enjoy the music!

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