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... Isgaard’s albums are becoming stronger and stronger ...


Three years ago I wrote a review about the “Whiteout” album of singer Isgaard, a beautiful album full of delicate sung vocal melodies and dreamy atmospheres. I described the music on that album as a melting pot of pop, new age and world and classical music. The new album “Human” (album number eight) has been released last month. Isgaard recorded “Human” together with her partner in music and life Jens Lueck. The title indicates the multi various theme for a concept album. The album is marked by the turbulent times we are living in, especially when you’re aware of the fragility of man and our planet ... says Isgaard. All 10 songs face human nature with all its ambivalence.


Isgaard - vocals; Jens Lueck - keyboards, vocals, drums, percussion, programming, additional guitar (3, 8b); Jan Petersen - Electric guitars; Ekiss Giloc - basses; Katja Flintsch - violin, viola (for all Orchestra-Overdubs: 1,2,6,7); Annika Stolze - violoncello (for all Orchestra-Overdubs: 1,2,5,7); Volker Kuinke - recorders (8a, 8c); Klaus Volland - acoustic guitars


“Human”, an album with a contemporary relevant concept, has again become a beautiful album with angelic vocal parts and breathtaking orchestrations. Not only keyboard orchestrations but also programmed ones by Orchestra-Overdubs of the violin of Katja Flintsch and the violoncello of Annika Stolze. Just listen to the songs “See the Leaves Falling”, “I Couldn’t Say Goodbye”, “A Billion Souls All Still Alone” and “Frozen Hearts”. As I mentioned already in my review of “Whiteout” the beautiful voice of Isgaard has some resemblance to the voice of Kate Bush. Another reviewer came up with the name of Sally Oldfield ...  and I must admit that he is absolutely right. Those little influences are of course just a reference to trigger the attention of you the reader that you can find an angelic voice and dreamy atmospheres on this album. All those beautiful songs and delicate played instruments are slowly building up in tension to a very strong ending of the album. The slow song “Frozen Hearts” is simply breathtaking with delicate piano playing of Jens Lueck and that wonderful orchestration made with the overdubs of the violin and the violoncello. The album comes to an end with the “Borders” suite which is divided into three parts. As progVisions reader you will notice some familiar names of guests that contributed to this beautiful album. Volker Kuinke is again present with his recorders on “Borders Pt.1 (Awakening)” and “Borders Pt. 3 (In The Cage)”. And throughout the album you can hear a lot of electric guitar parts of Jan Petersen (of Sylvan fame). You can find a nice soaring guitar solo in “Borders Pt. 2 (Fractioning)” and some aggressive parts in the climax of “Borders Pt. 3 (In The Cage)”. Because of those elements the “Borders” parts are the most interesting for the progressive rock fans.


The “Human” album is musically wise a logical next step after the “Whiteout” album. Isgaard’s albums are becoming stronger and stronger. “Human” is a consistent album with wonderful compositions that are beautifully sung by Isgaard and first class orchestrations of her partner in crime Jens Lueck  ...  a golden couple. Jens is of course again the driving force behind the album, because he is also responsible for recording, mixing and mastering the album that he produced.

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