Karmamoi - The Day Is Done - 2018


“... delicate songs with mournful and sad atmospheres ...”


Karmamoi is an Italian band formed in 2008 by drummer Daniele Giovannoni. So far they released three albums, “Karmamoi” (2011), “Odd Trip” (2013) and “Silence Between Sounds” (2016). Gradually the band has been reduced to a duo with drummer Daniele Giovannoni and guitarist Alex Massari. On the new album “The Day is Done” the duo is assisted by a list of guest musicians. Most know musicians on this album are Colin Edwin (ex Porcupine Tree) and Geoff Leigh (Steven Wilson). To be honest the music on the first three albums was in a way not adventurous or interesting enough to review on progVisions but this has changed. Finding this album in my letterbox was a surprise ... and listening to it’s content was a positive experience. So here it is, my review of the new Karmamoi album “The Day is Done”.


Daniele Giovannoni - drums, keyboards, backing vocals; Alex Massari - guitars, backing vocals

Colin Edwin - bass on Take me Home, Your Name and Mother’s Dirge; Geoff Leigh - flute on Take me Home; Alessandro Cefali - bass on The Day is Done, Portrait of a Man, Getaway and Running Through theĀ 
Lands; Sara Rinaldi - main vocals; Emilio Merone - piano on The Day is Done and keyboard solo on Mother’s Dirge; Luca Uggias - piano on Take me Home and Portrait of a Man; Lara Bagnati - flute on The Day is Done; Valerio Sgargi - rap on Mother’s Dirge


“The Day is Done” is dedicated to all victims of Grenfell Tower tragedy and all victims of wars and poverty all around the world. This dark concept has been translated into intriguing music that has often a slow and mournful character. The album opens with the title track “The Day is Done”. The ethereal voice of Sara Rinaldi is assisted by delicate guitar, piano and flute playing. This song is beautiful sung and only in the last minute the tension of the music is building up towards a nice climax. The opening of the next song “Take me Home is also relaxed and slow. Beautiful vocals with delicate piano, flute and guitar parts. After some minutes the tension of the music is rising and the music becomes more powerful and dynamic. Beautiful flute melodies in this track. The next track “Portrait of a Man” is with more then 11 minutes the longest track of the album. It has an overwhelming symphonic opening that is followed by a delicate instrumentation and ethereal vocals. But not for long, this track has great diversity and a dynamic atmosphere. It develops into a great progressive rock song with some Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson influences. “Getaway” opens with a fragile piano before we can enjoy great drumming and soaring guitar parts. That fragile atmosphere of the opening is returning for a while before the tension of the music is rising again and the song is ending with a soaring guitar solo. Great instrumental piece. The delicate voice of Sara Rinaldi is back in the short “Running Through the Lands”, a song with beautiful melodies. This little gem is followed by the song “Your Name”. It is one of the three songs with ex Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin. He is responsible for that beautiful bass sound. The second part of this song has wonderful melodies. The fine guitar playing with the great keyboard orchestrations reminds my of the music of Camel. The second long track is called “Mother’s Dirge”. Surprisingly it has an uptempo opening with some hectic guitar playing. But this is changing when the first vocal parts can be heard. The guitar playing is now also more melodic. Like the other long piece of this album “Portrait of a Man” this song develops into one of the more progressive rock oriented pieces of this album. Listening to the guitar and synth layers I had to think again of the work of Porcupine Tree. The album closes with a short instrumental piece called “Lost Voices”. This ambient soundscape is the epilogue of the album.


“The Day is Done” the fourth album of the Italian band Karmamoi has surprised me in a positive way. With the dark concept you will find next to the two longer tracks which are the most progressive rock oriented, a lot of delicate songs with mournful and sad atmospheres. You will find beautiful and ethereal vocals on this album. I also like the soaring guitar solos and the beautiful flute parts. It is a wonderful record with beautiful melodies and fine musical craftsmanship. Your reviewer enjoyed listening to this album very much. Check it out for yourself.

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