Laviantica - The Experience - 2018


“... an instrumental concept album ...”


Laviantica is an Italian band that was founded in the late ‘80s in Rome under the name Alterego. After a few years the band was renamed Laviantica which is a merging of the words La Via Antica (The Old Way). In September 2013 the band independently released their debut album “Clessidra”. An album that includes a beautiful intro, 7 pieces sung in n Italian and a mini suite with the title “Laviantica”. Especially the intro and the mini suite reveal the progressive rock potential of the band. On the other fine songs bass player Paolo Perilli took care of the vocals. Those 7 songs have more mainstream Rock and Pop influences. In 2015 the band started to work on an instrumental concept album. In the summer of 2018 the French label Musea released the new album “The Experience” on their sub label Musea Parallele which is specialized in Progressive Rock.


Luciano Stendardi - piano, keyboards; Paolo Musolino - Hammond organ, keyboards, acoustic guitar; Marco Palma - electric guitar; Paolo Perilli - electric bass; Danielle Sorrenti (Semiramis) - flute, mini Moog, vibraphone 

Marco Rovinelli - drums; Fabrizia Pandimiglio - cello (2)


“The Experience” is a concept album related to the experience of an intelligent entity (Galbat), coming from another dimension, that comes in contact with the Earth and it’s inhabitants. On this instrumental album the melodic parts are covered by flute (the voice of Galbat), mini Moog and electric guitar. The album includes the following 6 instrumental tracks; “The Journey”, “Breathing Flower”, “Closer”, “Artificial Thought”, “The Wait” and “Traveller”. The concept story is printed in the booklet and you can follow the story track by track.

Galbat does not have a physical body nor does he know the material world we are accustomed to. He is an energetic entity coming from a dimension populated by life forms made of thought. In his world, imagined experiences immediately become reality, as they encounter no resistance. Galbat will begin a journey to understand our world, to try the material experience, to experience the body and feel a primitive connection to nature. As you can see ... an intriguing story to put your brain to work.

Musically speaking the band enriched their musical palette by binding Daniele Sorrenti to the group. The sound palette has been broadened by his flute, Mini-Moog and vibraphone playing. You can hear this immediately in the almost 12 minutes long opener “The Journey” (“A New World”). The song opens with an uplifting guitar tune which is followed by nice piano and melodic flute parts. The song develops into a diverse piece of music with warmth and full of melody. I would describe the music as a mixture of Neo Prog and RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano). The nice melodies are provided by the electric guitar, the flute and the Mini-Moog. But you can also find delicate use of electric guitar, piano and the vibraphone. “The Journey” is a beautiful album opener. In “Breathing Flower” (“Meeting A Flower”) the flute of Daniele Sorrenti is also playing one of the leading roles. Guest Fabrizia Pandimiglio gives with her cello a classical touch to the music. The interplay with the piano and the flute is very nice. The slow song “Closer” (“Closer To Man”) with it’s beautiful melodies is one of my personal favorites. The soaring and melodic guitar parts and the interplay with the Moog and Hammond gives the song sometimes an atmosphere that reminds me of the music of bands like Camel or Focus. But this delicate piece of music has diversity and I love the piano playing of Luciano Stendardi. “Artificial Thought” has more powerful guitar work and you can find a nice duel between the electric guitar and the flute in this track. But in overall the music stays melodic. The short track “The Wait” (“Musings”) has more influences from electronic and ambient music. A song about disappointment, frustration and momentary hopelessness. The album closes with the track “Traveler” (“Journeying Back”). Again we can enjoy beautiful flute melodies, nice fret-less bass and piano playing. And with three members on keyboards you will understand that keyboards are all over the place on this his album. But they are used in a delicate and thoughtful manner. It is all about the melodies and the diversity of the sound.¬†


With the new album “The Experience”, Laviantica has joined the wonderful world of the Rock Progressivo Italiano scene. The biggest compliment you can give to a band that has just delivered an instrumental concept album is that not for a second you will miss the vocals. You can find the most beautiful melodies on this album. There is exceptional flute playing of the new member Daniele Sorrenti. This is an enrichment to the musical spectrum of the band. The music is full of melody and is on the mellow side of the progressive rock spectrum. Nowhere you will find freaky stuff or ego boosting solo parts. It is all about melody and the music. A big compliment to the main composers (Luciano Stendardi and Marco Palma) of this fine album. Your reviewer has enjoyed listening to this album very much ... just check it out for yourself!

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