Lebowski - Galactica - 2019


“... a mix of cinematic and jazzy atmospheres ...”


Lebowski is back with a new studio album! After their debut album “Cinematic“ (2010) and the release of the live album “Plays Kowalewski“ (2017j the band will release this month a new studio album under the name “Galactica“. progVisions was already given a pre-master version for review. Coincidentally or not, progVisions is reviewing three new albums this month that have a picture/painting of an astronaut/cosmonaut on their front covers (Aerostation, Telegraph and Lebowski). This independent release is published under the Cinematic Media label.


Marcin Gregorczyk - guitars; Marcin Luczaj - piano, synths; Ryszard Labul - bass; Krzysztof Pakula - drums

Guest musicians:
Markus Stockhausen - flugelhorn; Marek Zak - bass; Maciej Marcinkowski - clarinet; Katarzyna Dziubek - vocal; Krzysztof Ciesielski - double bass; Dariusz Kabacinski - mandolin


Some of the songs we already know from the previous live album. On “Galactica“ you can find the songs “Goodbye My Joy“,  “Galactica“, “Mirage Avenue“ and “The Last King“ in their full studio glory.

The album opens in a classical way with “Solitude of Savant“ (In the struggle between yourself and the world, hold the world’s coat).After this intriguing Symphonic keyboard orchestration the song develops into a lovely and relaxed song with a cinematic character and some jazzy atmospheres. The song has a duration of more then 8 minutes but the (instrumental) music never gets boring. The diversity of the music holds your attention. The next song “Midnight Syndrome“ (From a certain point on, there is no more turning back. That is the point that must be reached) has beautiful synth guitar and vocal (no text) melodies. Marcin Gregorczyk has developed an own guitar sound that gives the music their own identity. You will immediately recognize the Lebowski sound if you are familiar with the previous albums. “Goodbye My Joy“ (A cage went in search of a bird) was one of my personal favorite songs of the live album. The flugelhorn of special guest Markus Stockhausen gives the music a somewhat jazzy atmosphere. You can also enjoy great guitar and piano playing here. White Elephant (If it had been possible to build the Tower of Babel without having to climb it, that would have been sanctioned) is with it’s aggressive guitar parts one of the more powerful sounding tracks. The song is more guitar oriented but the keyboard orchestration and synth solo’s are always melodious. “The Doosan Way“ (Don’t let evil convince you, you could keep any secrets from it.) is with almost 11 minutes the longest song of the album. In this song there is more room for guitar and (jazzy) piano solo’s. The keyboard orchestrations are very beautiful. The overall character of the music is more jazz oriented with some Eastern elements. In my review of their live album “Plays Lebowski“ I described the song “Galactica“ as follows; “Galactica“ opens with delicate guitar and ambient piano melodies. Halfway the track the track the electric guitar becomes more dominant and the tension of the music is rising. The supporting keyboard orchestrations are great. Beautiful track with some great melodies. “Slightly Inhuman“ (You are the exercise, the task. No student far and wide.) is the last of the completely new songs on this album. It has beautiful piano melodies. There is a kind of duality between the classical and melodious piano parts and the guitar parts which are first a little bit aggressive and the next moment more jazzy. This combination works very well. Interesting composition. The last two songs we already know from the live album. “Mirage Avenue“ (Like a path in autumn: no sooner is it cleared than it is once again littered with fallen leaves) is for me the most beautiful song of the album. Love the delicate piano parts. The flugelhorn solo’s of the live album are now replaced by the clarinet that is played by special guest Maciej Marcinkowski. What a beautiful song this is. “The Last King“ with it’s powerful guitar opening has intriguing synth sounds. In the first part the synths have the dominant role and in the second part the guitar is providing the more powerful accents in the music. Music that is always full of melody and that can provide the cinematic soundtrack of your own thoughts during this listening experience.


As always the music of Lebowski is a mix of cinematic and jazzy atmospheres and is most of the time a laid back. I think that this fine album has an even greater diversity than their debut album “Cinematic“. You can find intriguing keyboard sounds and great piano and guitar parts on this album. The keyboard orchestrations are very beautiful. The music is relaxed and full of melody. Their beautiful and relaxed music is an enrichment to this world ... a world that sometimes seems to have gone crazy.

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Douwe Fledderus - February 2019 -   - Independent Release/Cinematic Media