Moon Letters - Thank You From The Future - 2022



“... beautiful vocal harmonies ...”


Moon Letters is a progressive rock band from Seattle (Washington) and was formed in the year 2016. Their debut album "Until They Feel The Sun" was released three years later (2019) at the Seaprog festival. A year later this led to an invite to the RoSfest festival (2020). The successor of "Until They Feel The Sun" is called "Thank You From The Future". Luckily this time the physical promo copy reached progVisions headquaters, thank you guys. So progVisions is now presenting the new Moon Letters album.

Kelly Mynes - Drums, Percussion, Moon Screech;  Mike Murphy - Electric Fretted and Fretless Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Earthen Grumbles;  John Allday - Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizers, Virtual Orchestra, Vocals, Mercurial Chant;  Dave Webb -  Electric Guitars, Metal Toolbox, Shovel, Primordial Grunts;  Michael Trew - Lead & Backing Vocals, Flute, Acoustic & 12-String Electric Guitar (5), Percussion Experiments, Barbaric Yawps


"Thank you From The Future" opens with a song called 'Sudden Sun" (4:19). After an uptempo opening in which the excellent vocal harmonies immediattely draw my attention, the band presents varied progressive rock music with some complex rhythms changes. Great uptempo opener of the album. 

The next three tracks "The Hrossa" (6:19), "Mother River" (4:32) and "Isolation and Foreboding" (6:34) are forming the suite "The Astral Projectionist". After the nice uptempo opener, it is "The Hrossa" that realy grabs you by the throat and draws you into the music. Great melodies, nice guitar work and always those beautiful vocal harmonies. The music slowly builds up to a climax, but it is the diversity that strucks me. This is progressive rock that is also original and well constructed. This track develops into one of my favorite tracks of this fine album. "Mother River" is also full of rhythm changes and nice vocal work but the third track of the suite "Isolation and Foreboding" is more divers with some great keyboard playing with delicious Mellotron and synth sounds. But nowhere freaky stuff, the instrumentation is at the service of the composition.

"Child of Tomorrow" (5:27) has overall a more relaxed song. You can find beautiful vocal melodies in this track. To the end the song gets more power and is more uptempo. The delicious keyboards are returning in this song.

"Fate of the Alacom" (7:06) is in my opinion even more interresting. Again a song full of diversy in rhythm and instrumentation. Love the melodic keyboard playing and fine drum work. As a keyboard lover I am sorry that the guitars are often more into the front of the mix than the keyboards. But this is a personal preference of course. Luckily the first (church) organ part is more audible.

The album comes to an end with the track "Yesterday is Gone" (6:47). This is again a song with lovely vocal harmonies and some nice organ and flute parts. Luckily the keyboards and guitar parts are more balanced in this track. "Yesterday is Gone" is a dignified ending of an interesting album.


Your reviewer enjoyed listening to this second Moon letters album "Thank You From The Future". What really stands out are the beautiful vocal harmonies. Another big plus is that the band has an original sound and is developing a unique style. The music also has the needed diversity.

Just listen for yourself; you can find the music of Moon Letters on the BandCamp platform.

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