proAge - MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) - 2019


“... an ArtRock and Blues oriented album...”


proAge is a Prog band from Bedzin, Poland. Their second studio album “MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder)“ has been released by Lynx Music. It is a concept album about the story of a man with 24 personalities. They describe their music as a mix of Art Rock and Progressive Rock with some heavy elements like sharp guitars and aggressive Hammond Organ. The album includes 13 tracks and has a running time of more than 66 minutes. The album has been released in two versions. A Polish and English version. Understandable but also sadly the band band did send me a physical promo copy of the version with English vocals. I am sure the original Polish atmosphere and character of the music will be lost a little bit. On the other side I am able to follow the story now. You can find the English lyrics in the booklet.


Mariusz Filosek - vocals; Arek Grybek - drums; Krzysztof Walczyk -Hammond organ, piano, synth; Roman Siminski - bass; Slawek Jelonek - guitars

Matgosia Lydka  - flute
Grzegorz Hankus - clarinet


On the opening track “Homecoming“ you can find all the ingredients of this album. Heavy guitar riffs, synth and Hammond organ solo’s and vocals that I find sometimes a little bit monotonous. But maybe this is because the singer has to sing the lyrics in the English version and not in his native language. After a little intro (“Stolen Time“) the title track “Multiple Personality Disorder“ has more melodic vocal parts. It is a kind of slow ballad with a nice guitar and piano part in the end. The piano is also opening the following track “Is it my Mind“. Besides the nice piano work there is a pounding bass in the first part. I like the second section which has nice synth parts and has in overall more melody. There is even a melodic guitar solo in the end. For me one of the better pieces on this album. After the short but beautiful piano Interlude “Shadows Guide“ it is time for the song “Entrapment“. Almost 11 minutes of more Rock and Blues oriented music. The piece is drenched with Hammond Organ which give the piece a more Rock vibe like the music of a band like Deep Purple. In the last part we can enjoy some fine uptempo piano work. “The Alchemist“ has an electronic opening which has strong Jean Michel Jarre vibes. I think that the band with these diverse musical styles is trying to express the multiple personalities of the main character of the story. “John Somebody“ opens with nice flute work of guest Matgosia Lydka. After the first vocal parts the flute returns and suddenly a mysterious orchestration part reaches my ear. For me a personal highlight ... but ... it is too short guys. Soon the synth, Hammond organ and the next vocal part changes the mood again. Noises Inside opens with an acoustic guitar part and develops into a nice Art Rock song but half way the Hammond organ injections and the heavy guitar riffs give the track a more Rock oriented atmosphere. “Profane“ is also a song that give me mixed feelings. In the end there is a fine synth solo but the monotonous vocal refrains are not my thing. The following instrumental interlude “Magic Adrift A Liquid“ with beautiful flute and piano is another personal highlight for me ... sadly this song is also too short. The Deep Purple Rock vibe returns with the Hammond organ in “Concrete Spring“. You can find several solo’s on this track. Synths and guitars are all over the place. The album closes with another personal highlight of mine. The song is called “ Name’s Twilight“ and with this song the melodies are returning.


Well for me personally this album gives me mixed feelings. It has its moments but the music is on one side a mix of Art Rock and Progressive Rock but on the other hand is heavily influenced by Rock and Blues music. In this way the album has also the perfect title for me. I like the Art Rock side of the music more because these parts are more melodic. Sometimes the vocal parts are a little bit monotonous but this may be because the singer doesn’t sing in his native language on this (English) version. So you decide for yourself if you want the Polish version. And if you like Rock music with Hammond organ ... maybe this album is something for you. 

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Douwe Fledderus - June 2019 -   - Lynx Music