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“... 15th Anniversary edition - remixed, remastered, partly rerecorded ...”


As promised progVisions will also review the 15th Anniversary edition of the Poor Genetic Material album "Spring Tidings" that was originally recorded in the year 2005 and was released in 2006. In the enclosed leaflet the band explains that "Spring Tidings" is generally considered one of Poor Genetic Material's best albums and is certainly a favourite of the band. Its sound, however, does not quite live up to the standards of today. The album is remixed, remastered and partly rerecorded. As always the album is released on the QuiXote Music label.


Philip Griffiths - vocals; Stefan Glomb - guitars; Philipp Jaehne - keyboards; Dennis Sturm - bass; Dominik Steinbacher - drums

Guest musician: Pia Darmstaedler - flute on "Watercolours"


So the idea of remixing the album had been nagging for quite a while. When it was finally decided to give it a try, it turned out to be much more difficult than expected: drum tracks had to be transferred from technology no longer available, keyboard tracks couldn't be rescued at all and had to be re-recorded. But all this effort paid off because the result is impressive. The album opens with the short track "Three steps back ... ". It has an ambient atmosphere with delicate guitar and keyboard parts and in the distance, you hear some vocal parts of music that still has to come. See it as a short intro part like the instrumental closing track " ... or right ahead" is the outro piece. The album is book shelved between these two tracks. After the intro piece, the uplifting sounding "Blow-up" is an uptempo song with nice vocal melody lines. To be honest, if I think of the music of Poor Genetic Material, I firstly think of this song with its positive vibe. This is followed by the song "April". Keyboard player Philipp Jaehne and guitarist Stefan Glomb have nice instrumental contributions in this song. With the next track "Watercolours" it becomes interesting for us prog lovers. The song has a beautiful intro with lovely flute parts of guest musician Pia Darmstaedler. A guest that luckily will appear on the following albums. Her flute contributions to the albums give the music an extra shine. "Watercolours" is for me the first highlight of the album. It has diversity, strong vocal parts and intriguing instrumental parts. This part of the album is very strong because "Watercolours" is followed by the next highlight "Tidings" with the most beautiful and catchy vocal melodies of the album and the longest track of the album called "La Ville Qui N'Existait Pas". Like in "Tidings" you can find beautiful instrumental parts in this song. I would like to mention keyboardist Philipp Jaehne again because he is in my opinion the silent force in the music of Poor Genetic Material. In this long track, he is doing some great organ and keyboard strings. The song ends with some nice melodic guitar work. "Lotus-Eaters" has a nice instrumental opening and develops into a track with powerful vocal lines and a fine melodic guitar part of Stefan Glomb. The album closes with the already mentioned track "... or right ahead". An instrumental track with nice camelesque organ parts, fine drumming of Dominik Steinbacher and the melodic guitar of Stefan Glomb.


The 15th Anniversary Edition of "Spring Tidings" is a consistent album with a strong middle section with tracks like "Watercolours", "Tidings" and "La Ville Qui N'Existait Pas". Given the difficulties during the remixing of the album, Philip Griffiths did a wonderful job because the result is impressive. The music is on the mellow side of the progressive rock spectrum. If you don't know this band yet, "Spring Tidings" is the perfect introduction to the band. A band with its own musical style and a great vocalist.

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