plenilunio - Il Gioco Imperfetto - 2021



“... a mix of progressive rock and romantic Italian Pop ...”


progVisions would like to introduce you to the Italian band Plenilunio. The English translation of the band’s name is Full Moon. Plenilunio originates from Acqui Terme in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. Since June 2015 the band is back in the original 1976 line-up. But their debut album “Resperi Lunghi 1000 Miglia” only came out in the year 2012 and the successor of that debut album “Vivo Controvento” in the year 2017. Personally I don’t know the music of these albums but their third album “Il Gioco Imperfetto” which was released last year (2021) got my attention. And that is because the band plays an original kind of music that could be described as a mix of progressive rock and romantic Italian Pop. Vocalist Roberto Maggiotto has such a lovely and somewhat hoarse voice


Roberto Maggiotto - vocals; Valter Camparo - keyboards & piano; Davide Pronzato - acoustic & electric guitars; Roberto Camparo - bass & electric guitar; Antonio Pirrone - drums & percussion

Pronzato Riccardo - classical guitar on “Tutte Le Colpe Che Ho” Pronzato Michele - electric guitar on “Se Rinascero” 


The album opens with the song “L’Aquilone” which has an keyboard and guitar driven atmospheric opening in which you can here that melody is a important ingredient of Plenilunio’s music. After two minutes you will hear the first vocal lines sung by vocalist Roberto Maggiotto. His voice sounds warm and somewhat hoarse. Somehow his voice reminds me a little bit of Ubi Maior vocalist Mario Moi. But at the same time I have to think of that other famous Italian band PFM. As you know I am happy with Italian bands who sing in their native language, just because of the authentic atmosphere. The vocal melody lines on this album are very accessible to our ears. That is probably that romantic Italian Pop vibe that I was talking about in the intro of this review. That is even more audible in the second and title track of the album “Il Gioco Imperfetto”. A beautiful ballad with lovely melody lines. When after four minutes the song closes with a beautiful keyboard melody, I am sorry that these instrumental parts are not further investigated and developed by the band. But maybe this is the progressive rock fan that is speaking now. It is a lovely song. Another song that I would like to highlight is the fourth track called “A Piedi Nudi”. Beautiful vocal melodies are combined with delicate guitar work, a lovely (fret less) bass and nice synth melodies. It is a very nice song with a mellow character. This part of the album is very strong, because the following songs “Diario Di Bordo” and ‘Voci del Vento” are of the same quality. The instrumentation is in the service of the songs. So don’t expect freaky solo’s but instead enjoy the atmospheric mellow atmosphere and the beautiful melodies. In the instrumental track “Voci del Vento”, with six and a half minutes the longest song of the album, the musicians have some time to show their musical skills. With those instrumental parts the band highlights their progressive rock influences. Especially the work of keyboard player Valter Camparo is worth mentioning. The last three compositions have vocals again. “Tutte Le Colpe Che Ho” has some nice acoustic guitar parts. “Loro” together with “Voci Del Vento” are the songs which are the most interesting for the progressive rock lover. But on the other hand, if you like the RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) genre, I am sure you will like this album. This remarkable album closes with the song “Tivoli Di Coda”, a song with lovely vocal melodies and a delicate instrumentation with an atmosphere that lies in the mellow side of the progressive rock spectrum.


As a lover of Rock Progressivo Italiano I enjoyed listening to this album very much. Is the music that you will find on this album progressive? No, but I am sure that if you like the RPI scene you will love this album with it’s beautiful melodies and fine vocalist who sings in his native language. As I said in the intro of this review, I think you could describe the original music of Plenilunio as a mix of progressive rock and romantic Italian Pop. Open your progressive mind and enjoy the music!

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