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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

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album review

Plurima Mundi - Percorsi - 2017

“... Rock Progressivo Italiano ...”

The Italian band Plurima Mundi released in the year 2009 their debut EP “Atto I” on the MaRaCash label. This year the band released independently (distributed by BTF) their first full length (41:40) album entitled “Percorsi”. Leader of the band is composer and violinist Massimiliano Monopoli. All the music on this release is from his hand. The lyrics are written by novelist Maria G. Pagnotta. My review copy was provided by Synpress 44. Plurima Mundi from Taranto is an Italian band that you can gather under RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) label.

Massimiliano Monopoli - electric violin; Massimo Bozza - bass; Grazia Maremonti - vocals; Silvio Silvestre - guitar; Lorenzo Semeraro - piano; Gianmarco Franchini - drums

Composer Massimiliano tells us that “Percorsi” is not a concept album but that every track of the album is dealing with something that really happened. You can find the following four tracks on “Percorsi”; “Eurasia”, “E mi vedrai ... Per te”, “L ... Tu per sempre”, “Male interiore (la mia eta)”. As a bonus track you can also find the single version of “L ... Tu per sempre” on this album.

The album opens with an instrumental piece entitled “Eurasis”. Surprisingly it starts with a drum part but soon you can hear the first notes of electric violin of composer Massimiliano Monopoli. The violin predominates the musical palette of the band. There is also guitar and a delicate piano but the violin is the star of this album. The music is typical RPI and because of the violin sound I had to think the band Curved Air. But also the name of the Italian band PFM crossed my mind. “Eurasis” is a fine album opener that shows the identity of the band.

In the next three tracks vocalist Grazia Maremonti is performing the lyrics of novalist Maria G. Pagnotta. “E Mi Vedrai ... Per Te” (a spiritual dialogue) has beautiful classical piano parts and nice violin and guitar melodies. When the tension of the music is building up the violin parts are becoming a little bit more freaky. Listening to the beautiful voice of Grazia and here style of singing I think that she has enjoyed classical training. In the track “L ... Tu Per Sempre” you can find some very nice violin melodies. The song deals with a sad love story. In some of the up tempo parts I had also to think of the solo work of David Cross. The music is dominated by the violin.

The longest track (12:25) of the album is called “Male Interiore (La Mia età)”. It is a meditation about life and age and has a delicate opening with nice guitar parts. The atmosphere of the music reminds me of the work of PFM. It is followed by beautiful vocal, piano and violin melodies. After this beautiful first part the music becomes more rock oriented and you can enjoy great vocal melodies and excellent violin playing. For me this track is the highlight of the album. Besides all the great violin pieces I also like the beautiful little piano parts you can find on this fine album. Sometimes the violin sound also reminds me of Marcus Vianna. The album closes with an abbreviated version of the track “L ... Tu Per Sempre”. Well this is nice for completists but for me it raises the question; Was the band short of material?

With a total running time of 41:40 including the bonus single track, the album has the running time of a vinyl album. But with the popularity of vinyl nowadays it could be also a thoughtful decision of the band. This said, the “Percorsi” album of Plurima Mundi is a fine album with RPI oriented music. I would recommend this album to the lovers of the electric violin. The album is drenched with lovely violin melodies. If you like bands like PFM and Curved Air, you have to check this album out.

Douwe Fledderus - June 2017
rating - Independent release


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