Pymlico - Nightscape - 2018


“... nice melodies and uplifting tunes ...”


In my 2017 review of the fourth Pymlico album “Meeting Point” (2016) I wrote that it was a fine album full of great music. Progressive Rock meets Jazz Fusion. And that this instrumental music has a kind of positive energy. That it will make you happy ... the power of music. So I am very curious if this still counts for their new album “Nightscape” that has been released last month by the Norwegian label Apollon Records.


Øyvind Brøter - keyboards; Stephan Hvinden - guitars; Andreas Sjo Engen - guitars; Axel Toreg Reite - bas guitar, synth bass; Marie Faerevaag - saxophones, keyboards, voice; Arild Brøter - drums, keyboards, additional guitars; Oda Rydning - percussion¬†

Mattias Krohn Nielsen - acoustic guitars (1,2,3,4), electric guitars (3)
Ketil Vestrum Einarsen - flute (1,2)
Didrik Føyn Føyen - trombone (2)
Andreas Fossum - trumpet (2)


The band of leader and drummer Arild Brøter still makes instrumental music. I said this before but I think that if you as instrumental band still makes fascinating music, this is a big compliment. This said I noticed that in the credits Marie Faerevaag is not only credited for her fine saxophone and keyboard playing but also for his voice. And yes in the track “Road Movie” she uses her voice in a vocal refrain but just as an extra instrument to enrich the already broad musical spectrum.

You can find 7 tracks on the new “Nightscape” album. The first one “Wide Awake” is an uplifting tune with nice saxophone playing that reminds me of a (smooth) jazz fusion band like The Rippingtons. The saxophone has one of the leading roles in this tune. The other solo’s are from the guitar players. In “Gabagool” and “Tofana 10 am” the keyboards (the organ in “Gabagool”) have a more prominent role but most of the melodies are played by the saxophone and the guitar. The music is somewhat in the middle of Jazz Fusion and Smooth Jazz. And yes the music has always a positive vibe. The fourth track “Room With A View” is one of my two personal favorites of this fine album. This slow and delicate song has the most beautiful sax melodies. What a beautiful tune. “Ghost Notes” is with more than 8 minutes the longest track of the album. It shows on one side the jazzy guitar and the more powerful side of the band and on the other side the more romantic and melodic side with the tasteful saxophone parts. So the best of both worlds. In the already mentioned song “Road Movie” the beautiful saxophone melodies are combined with the vocal melodies. A very nice song but the album ends with my second personal favorite of this album. The song is called “Silver Arrow” and opens with nice synth strings and guitar. Then the synths take the lead and the melodies are pure bliss. After a delicate piano intermezzo the synth melodies continue alternated with rhythmic guitar and percussion parts. You are expecting the return of the saxophone at any point .. but is doesn’t. Well the sax has an important role on the other tracks but I still wonder about how that combination would sound. So my favorite sax track is “Room With A View” and this “Silver Arrow” is my favorite synth piece.


“Nightscape” the fifth studio album of the Norwegian band Pymlico is again an album full of nice melodies and uplifting tunes. The solo instruments are the saxophones, the guitars and the synths but the other musicians are as important as the soloists. The strong point is here that all the other instruments are just used for the compositions. This is not about freaky solo’s and ego showing ... it is all about the music. You can find the most beautiful melodies on this album. Great album to listen to after a hectic workday. Just enjoy the music!

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