Quantum Fantay - Yemaya Orisha - 2019


One of the strongest Quantum Fantay albums so far ...


Quantum Fantay the instrumental Space-Rock band from Belgium that was founded in 2004 by keyboarder/producer Pete Mush has just released their 8th studio album “Yemayda Orisha” on the Progressive Promotion Records label. It is already their 4th album in 5 years time on the label. The band continues their journey into the world of progressive -& space rock. This album sees the return of founding member Charles Sla on flutes. And for the first time ever, it features female voices, singing distinguished words.


Pete Mush - synths; Tom Tee - guitars; Jaro - bass; Louis - drums

Guests: Charles Sla - flutes; Maera - voice (track 3); Rafaela - voice (track 5)


The track list of this new studio album has only 5 tracks, but in fact it are only 4 songs because the first two tracks “Yemaya Orisha” and “Mami Wata” are part of the 23 minutes “Veautifull Mocean” suite. “Yemaya Orisha” the first 13 minutes of the suite is first class space rock with loads of melodic synths and nice guitar and flute parts. No major surprises for the longtime fans of the band but the band can be considered as one of the best bands in the Premier League of Space Rock. “Mami Wata” the second part of the suite has a beautiful atmospheric opening which has some references to the electronic music of Tangerine Dream. But after this the song develops into an uptempo Space monster with a pounding rhythm section, aggressive guitar parts and fine melodic flute melodies. This part is for me one of the highlights of the album. “Riddles Of The Sphinx” has also a lot of up-tempo parts and some great guitar parts. This is the first song in which the band uses the female voice as an extension of their sound palette. But most of the song is like an uptempo wave of space music. The next eight minutes are reserved for “Gemini Flower”. This piece is full of beautiful synth melodies, delicate flute parts and nice melodic guitar work. This piece has a greater diversity than the previous song. A personal highlight and I think that these kind of songs are more interesting for the standard Prog fan. This consistent album comes to an end with the song “Serra Da Estrela”. In the opening we can hear a whispering female voice and the strong opening has again some elements that reminds me of the new and modern Tangerine Dream sound. The female voice is an enrichment to the music because it makes the music more dynamic. A great song to end this fine album.


Personally I think that “Yemaya Orisha” is one of the strongest Quantum Fantay albums so far. It is a consistent album that comes over you like a wave of Space Rock. I like the seamless integration of some electronic and progressive elements in the music. The album has no major surprises but is still a must buy for the longtime fans of the band. Just check this one out for yourself.

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