Red Bazar - Things As They Appear - 2019


“... Rock influences and often a dark atmosphere ...”


Red Bazar was formed in the year 2007 and started out as an instrumental trio featuring Andy Wilson on guitar, Paul Comerie on drums and Mick Wilson on bass and keyboards. This lineup released a three track EP “Beyond The Ice Storm“, and the two albums “Connections“, and “Differential Being“,. To expand the sound, the band recruited keyboard player Gary Marsh and soon after teamed up with singer and multi instrumentalist Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales, Camel). This lineup released in 2016 the album “Tales From The Bookcase“,. Nineteen 73 Artist Promotion provided progVisions with a physical promo copy of the new album “Things As They Appear“, that was released on the White Knight Records label. This label is a collaboration between Rob Reed (Magenta/Tigermoth Records) and Will Mackie (Hoggwash/Caerllysi Music).


Andy Wilson - guitar; Paul Comerie - drums; Mick Wilson - bass; Peter Jones - vocals, keyboards on Rocky Bone Runway, keyboard solo’s on Nothing Left, Future Song and We will Find You; Gary Marsh - keyboards


“Things As They Appear“, is the second vocal album of Red Bazar and for me it is my introduction to the band. Of course I know the music of the Tiger Moth Tales project of the very talented multi instrumentalist Peter Jones. Did see this guy performing live both with his own project and as the new keyboard player of Camel. So I knew that this guy is also gifted with a beautiful voice. On this album he is the vocalist and plays keyboards on one of the tracks and some keyboard solo’s on three other tracks. During a series of live performances to promote this album he was responsible for all the keyboards. Although I don’t know the music of the previous lineup, I am sure the collaboration with Peter Jones is an enrichment to the music of the band. He is such a talented musician.

On this album you can find the following eight tracks; “Temple“,, “Nothing Left“, “Liar“, “Rocky Bone Runway“, “Spiral“, “Future Song“, “The Parting“ and “We Will Find You“. The opener “Temple“ is for the largest part a Rock song with some catchy vocal melodies and a nice guitar solo. The following song “Nothing Left“ is more my cup of tea. A ballad with beautiful vocals, lovely bass lines, nice keyboard work and some great melodies. The nice keyboard solo is played by Peter Jones. Also the song “Liar“ is a song with a greater diversity then that opener. Besides the fine vocal parts and catchy vocal refrains the song also includes a nice guitar solo. “Rocky Bone Runway“ is the song in which Peter is responsible for all the keyboards. Musically speaking the song combines the Rock side of the band with the for me more interesting and intriguing qualities of the band. Especially the middle part of the song is strong. “Spiral“ is for me one of the highlights of this album. The slow opening with beautiful sung vocals accompanied by fine keyboard strings and acoustic guitar is very nice. Gradually the music becomes more powerful and we can enjoy some nice synth parts played by Gary Marsh. In “Future Song“ the fine keyboard solo is played by Peter Jones. He impresses also with his fine vocal contributions but this counts for the whole album. “The Parting“ is actually a Rock song with heavy guitar work but this is combined with beautiful vocal harmonies this and the delicate keyboard parts are giving a nice contrast. In the end Andy Wilson surprises us with short melodic guitar part. The album ends with the song “We Will Find You“. The opening has a dark character with heavy guitars and synths. This is combined with mysterious vocal parts. It is the most heavy and dark song of the album.


Well this was a nice introduction to the music of Red Bazar. Personally I have some mixed feelings about this album. For me most of the songs are missing the “wow” factor. Please don’t misunderstand this. It is a fine progressive rock rock album with some Rock influences and often a dark atmosphere. I am impressed by the vocal performance of Peter Jones. He is developing into one of the best singer in the Prog scene. Also his keyboard contributions are of a high quality level. Personal favorites are the songs Nothing Left, Spiral and the vocal melodies of the song The Parting. Check this album out for yourself .. you can find the band on the BandCamp platform.

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