Residuos Mentales - Introspection - 2018


“... Neo Classical textures and elements of electronic and ambient music ...”


Residuos Mentales is a studio project from Athens, Greece consisting of Verbal Delerium member Stratos Morianos (keyboards) and Alexandros Mantas (guitars, flute) which was formed back in 2012. For four years they were putting material together, part of which is now included in their debut album entitled “Introspection“. They describe their music as Cinematic music coupled with elements from Greek music, 70s Progressive Rock, Electronic music and anything else that would work. Introspection is an Independent Release by Residous Mantales.


Stratos Morianos - pianos, strings, synthesizers, programming, snare drum and floor tom on “It All Becomes Clear“
Alexandros Mantas - Electric, acoustic and classical guitars, flute on “The Thorn In Me“ and “A Promise Unkept“, bass on “The Thorn In Me“, “Home“ and “A Promise Unkept“

Dimitris Radis - Electric guitar on Home“ and “A Promise Unkept“, acoustic guitar on “A Promise Unkept“, bass on “Home“, programming
Theodoris Tzigourakos - violin on Immersed“ and “Narrative“
Fifi Alexopoulou - cello on Alienated“ and “(A Prospect Of) A Blooming Life“
Stelios Pavlou - drums on “The Thorn In Me“, “Home“ and “A Promise Unkept“ 
Vangelis Spanakakis - Jen On “Pandora’s Box“, Kazoo and additional synths on “My Stories“, vocals on “Home“, programming


As you can read above, the project owe a lot to some people who helped to bring “Introspection to life. Introspection is a nearly 38-minute track in 11+1 sections (if you take a closer look at the cover of the album you will notice an image layer that represents the twelve hours of a clock) that tells the story of a man who is tortured by memories of the past. The inner voices are let loose (“Pandora’s Box“). The rainy day exacerbates the gloominess (“Alienated“) and the character spins a vinyl. “With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything” they say and the case is that memories come in torrents (Immersed). Old, nagging recollections (“The Thorn In Me“) resurface and finally the character is sucked by a whirlpool, recounting their life (“My Stories“). The optimistic prospect (“A Prospect Of a Blooming Life“), the feeling like “coming home” (“Home“) is gradually replaced by vague, forgotten, yet ever-present memories of loss and disappointment that get clearer and clearer in their head (It becomes Clear) and recounting these stories (“Narrative“) brings our character to their limit (“On The Borderline“) who makes a promise to set everything right but “you can’t escape the past, no matter how much you want to” and the mental residuals in their head prevent them from keeping their promise (“A Promise Unkept/Mental Residuals“). Are you still with me? I love those well-considered concepts. But let’s talk about the music.

So “Introspection“ is a nearly 38-minute track in 11+1 sections. The opening section “Pandora’s Box“ is an intriguing piece of music with a Cinematic character. It has influences from electronic and ambient music. The piano which is also present in the following sections “Alienated“ and “Immersed“ plays an important role in the music. In “Alienated“ it is combined with a cello and in “Immersed“ with a violin. This give those pieces a Neo Classical character. In “Thorn In Me“ acoustic and classical guitars are changing the mood. The flute and the beautiful keyboard orchestrations are providing beautiful melodies. It is one of the longer sections and absolutely one of the highlights of this album. Music is about melody that can reach the heart of the listener. Wonderful section! “My Stories“ has elements of electronic music. “(Prospect Of) A Blooming Life“ opens with piano and acoustic guitar that gives the piece a more classical character. Especially when the cello pops up in this section. By using textless vocals and electric guitar and drums the section “It Becomes All Clear“ has even a greater diversity. The melodies in this song are beautiful. The slow section Home has an intriguing and ambient atmosphere. I am not an expert but I think that the melodies have some elements of Greek music. This section flows into the piece “Narrative“, a delicate piece of music where the violin is playing a beautiful melody. Piano, acoustic guitar and tasteful keyboard orchestrations are dominating this section. The piano plays again an important role in the following section “On The Borderline“. Because of the piano playing and the classical atmosphere of this section the name of Phillip Glass crossed my mind. The album closes with the longest section of the composition. It is called “A Promise Unkept / Mental Residuals“. The music has a more uplifting atmosphere and is more uptempo. It is the section with the most power and we can enjoy great drumming and fine electric guitar solo’s. The last part is again more electronic and ambient oriented.


“Introspection“ the debut album of the project Residuos Mentales is an intriguing piece of music with in overall a mellow atmosphere. I like the combination of Neo Classical textures and elements of electronic and ambient music. The piano and the acoustic and classical guitars are playing the most important roles in this composition. When the classical piano parts are combined with cello, violin or flute it creates a wonderful Neo Classical atmosphere. You can find some wonderful melodies and fine orchestrations on this instrumental album. Just listen to my personal favorite The Thorn In Me. An album for the open minded (Prog) music lover.

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