RPWL - Live from Outer Space - 2019


... a very strong live album ...


Only a few months ago, precisely in the month March, I wrote my review of the latest RPWL studio album “Tales From Outer Space”. In my opinion this was one of the best studio albums that the band made so far. Touring with this new material was a huge success. I can confirm this because I did see the band performing live on stage at the wonderful Art Rock Festival in Reichenbach, Germany. For this seventh live album “Live From Outer Space” the Band used the recording of our own Dutch Prog Temple de Boerderij in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. The gig was also filmed and however progVisions only received a copy of the CD version, fans can choose between several media versions like vinyl, DVD and BluRay. As always these are released on their own label Gentle Art Of Music.


Yogi Lang - vocals, keyboards; Kalle Wallner - guitars, backing vocals; Markus Jehle - keyboards; Marc Turiaux - drums; Sebastian Harnack - bass, bass pedals


On the first disc of this double album you will find the complete “Tales From Outer Space” album in the original running order. “Tales” was not a real concept album but the songs had all a sci-fi theme. Stories about visits from extraterrestrials ... some of them immediately leave again, completely shocked. It is great to hear the live versions of my personal favorites of that album. For instance the song “Light Of The World” with an amazing and soaring guitar solo of Kalle Wallner. Lovers of guitar and synth solo’s will be delighted by this fine live album. Another highlight is of course “Give Birth To The Sun” with delicate vocals of Yogi Lang and mysterious synth and guitar solo’s. A song with new and fresh sounds for RPWL but it all stays recognizable and typical RPWL style. The album ends with the beautiful ballad “Far Away From Home” in which Yogi Lang proves that he is one of the best singers in the Prog scene.

The second disc has some extra songs from a band history that goes back to the year 1997. The disc opens with a classic RPWL song from that remarkable debut album. “Hole In The Sky” is my favorite RPWL song and is always my personal highlight of a RPWL gig. A song with some Pink Floyd influences ... but who cares ... it is a song that generates goosebumps and tears. In Reichenbach it was a great experience and now I am very curious about the images of the gig in Zoetermeer. This venue has besides a great PA system also excellent light equipment. The other songs on disc two are “Sleep”, “Masters Of War”, “Trying To Kiss The Sun”, “Roses” and “Unchain The Earth”. Fans will agree with me that this is an excellent choice.


“Live From Outer Space” the seventh live album of RPWL is a very strong album. Great songs and passionate live versions. Because of the venue (great sound and light system) where this is filmed and recorded I am very curious to see the BluRay disc which includes a 5.1 Surround Sound mix. On this tour the songs are accompanied by video clips that were especially designed for the respective songs. Looking forward to see the BluRay of the show, but this CD version has its own right to exist if you want to concentrate only on the music ... just enjoy the music ... great live album.

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