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“..the story continues ...”


"Event Horizon" is the next part of the story that Jens Lueck started in the year 2017 under the project name Single Celled Organism and with the album "Splinter In The Eye". The follow-up "Percipio Ergo Sum" followed in 2021. In the latter review, I said that Jens Lueck again impressed me with his musical skills, compositions and arrangements. On this album, all compositions and arrangements are again by Jens Lueck. He recorded, mixed and mastered by the album in his own Art Of Music studio.

Isgaard - vocals; Ingo Salzmann - Electric Guitar, Solo Guitar; Johny Beck - Electric Guitar, Solo Guitar; Juergen Osuchowski - Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (Steel String); Jens Lueck - Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (Nylon String); Adriana Glavas - Backing Vocals; Volker Kuinke - Recorders; Kai Ritter - Vioce


The album opens with the song "Memories in a Box" (9:06). The track has a nice and calm build-up with plucked guitars and orchestral keyboards while Jens and Isgaard make their first vocal contributions. I am happy to see Jens's life partner Isgaard join in again as well. She has such a beautiful voice that also matches Jens' well. This is followed by a beautiful instrumental section in which the intensity slowly grows and beautiful guitar, drum, and keyboard work passes by. Then we continue the story again through Jens' voice before the intensity goes up again in the next instrumental section which contains lovely synth and guitar solos. This while the drumming also stands out in a positive sense. The music becomes more powerful towards the end. Only to die in beauty with Isgaard's angelic voice. In short, a fantastic opener that gives a good idea of what to expect from this album.

The next song "Changes Are Coming" (5:16) has a calm atmosphere and is more song-like and has very nice melodies. Gradually, it takes on a Floydian vibe through the female background vocals (Adriana Glavas). Johny Beck treats us to a beautiful melodic guitar solo.

After this, we pick up musically where we left off with "Memories In The Box". This song "Thoughts" (7:43) has just a bit more power and is more guitar-oriented. But you can also enjoy beautiful drumming and broad keyboard orchestrations. Using two guitarists (Johny Beck and Ingo Salzmann who is responsible for the solo) while youself also play some guitar parts ...  well that gives this song an excellent diversity.

In "The Encounter" (7:14) which features beautiful acoustic guitar work, Isgaard's voice returns. The combination of Jens's voice and Isgaard's is very nice. Her contribution on this album is even greater than on the previous two albums. The guitar work by both guitarists is again beautiful and varied. Beautiful song!

In the opening of the slow song "Shifted" (4:59), we can hear another contribution from Volker Kuinke with his flutes. But Isgaard carries this song with her beautiful vocals. She sings the last part with full passion, very nicely done.

Musically, the album is very nicely constructed with quiet moments and the somewhat longer songs having the space to alternate the vocal sections with delightful instrumental sections. "Inhale What's Forbidden" (8:36) is one of such longer compositions. The vocal sections sometimes give you goosebumps and in the instrumental sections the musicians go wild. A beautiful guitar solo can be heard from Ingo Salzmann. The keyboard orchestrations are menacing and impressive. This song is perhaps my favourite but the varied build-up of the entire album makes this song come in so well to the listener.

The next song "Keep My Faith in Humans" (6:28) is another little diamond with beautiful vocals by Jens, the flutes by Volker, the beautifully melodic guitar solo by Johny. This part of the album is very strong. These two strong songs are followed by the short but intense "Distorted Night" (2:57) in which Ingo Salzmann plays electric guitar, but in which Jens Lueck plays all the other instruments . This is the heaviest song on the album.

The album closes with the title track "Event Horizon" (7:27). A worthy conclusion to this beautiful album. The vocals are delicately sung by Jens as the intensity of the music slowly increases. Both guitarists get the space to play a solo. Whereby Johny enters into a duel with Jens' keyboard solo.


The next part "Event Horizon" of the story of Single Celled Organism has become another beautiful album. Isgaard's contribution seems to have become even greater on this album than on the previous two jewels. You won't hear me complain. Isgaard is a very good vocalist who is blessed with an angelic voice. And her voice also fits well with the voice of her partner and multi-instrumentalist Jens Lueck. Just like in my previous review, I can't choose between these three beautiful albums. Fortunately, this is not necessary. It is a trilogy and if you were impressed by the previous parts "Splinter In The Eye" and/or the follow-up "Percipio Ergo Sum" this "Event Horizon" is even a mandatory purchase. progVisions is impressed by these three albums and advises all fans of progressive rock and art rock to give these gems a listen. you definitely won't regret it, I can guarantee you that.

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