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“... Rock Progressivo Italiano ...”


Why write a review again about an album that was released in the year 2021? Well the answer is simple, this album is special and in my opinion this album didn't get the attention it deserved. "Dei Riccordi un Museo" is the first solo album of Stefano "Lupo" Galifi, vocalist of the legendary Italian band Museo Rosenbach, who created the masterpiece "Zarathustra" in 1973. More recently he was active as a vocalist for Il Tempio delle Clessidre and the reformed Museo Rosenbach.

Luca Scherani (La Coscienza di Zeno, Hostsonaten) enthusiastically accepted Stefano's invitation to compose the music and melodies that would do justice to Stefano's voice. The lyrics are written by bass player Gabriele Guidi Colombi (La Coscienza di Zeno, Not a Good Sign). In fact the complete line-up actually consists of Italian music friends of the undersigned. I only realized this when I was writing this review. Marcella Arganese (Ubi Maior) is responsible for the guitar parts and is the co-composer of the title track and Folco Fedele (Panther & C) plays the drums.


Stefano Lupo Galifi - lead and backing vocals; Luca Scherani - piano, keyboards and flute; Marcella Arganese - electric and acoustic guitars; Gabriele Guidi Colombi - electric bass; Folco Fedele - drums; Alessio Calandriello - backing vocals; Irene Spina - backing vocals


The album opens with "Cuore" ("Dei Ricordi, un Museo" parte 1) (9:07). The first thing that strikes me are the recognizable and delicious synthesizer melodies of Luca Scherani and the guitar parts of Marcella Arganese, a guitarist who has grown musically in recent years. A wonderful opener with fine melodies and beautiful vocals in Italian. That's how it should be when you talk about RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano).

You will understand my comment about Marcella better if you listen to the beautiful composition "La Morale Cede" (4:14). After Luca's classical piano intro, Marcella shows her melodic qualities on guitar. When the synthesizer sounds return, the synths and the guitar merge. You will also find beautiful vocal melodies in this beautiful track. Marcella's melodic guitar solos sound mature. The first highlight of this remarkable album.

The next track "La Stanza E L'Angelo" (4:35) also has a classical piano opening and develops into a beautiful ballad and showcase for the vocal qualities of Stefano "Lupo" Galifi. He delivers the lyrics in a passionate and delicate way. The vocals and piano parts are at the top of the mix and the coloring with the guitar melodies is deliberately at the bottom. This has been thought about in order to give the vocals the attention they deserve.

Then follows part two of the title piece, "Dei Ricordi, un Museo" (parte 2) (10:32). The first part is up-tempo with Hammond Organ and a burning rhythm section. The transition to the delicate guitar parts and the vocals is very nice. Again you can enjoy the most beautiful melodies. And I'm not just talking about the vocal parts but also the guitar and synth parts. And there are wonderful bass lines in between. The music is varied and remains captivating in this long track. The ending with the synth delicately refers to the opener (Parte 1). "Le Due Linee Gemelle" (5:13) is a more relaxed song with beautiful vocals, delicate percussion and synth sounds and beautiful melodic guitar work by Marcella Arganese. Very nicely done. Another highlight of this album.

In the song "Sterile" (7:54) composer Luca Scherani not only plays all the keyboard parts but also the flute. An instrument that fits well with progressive rock. In the classical opening, the vocals are supported by an acoustic guitar and the flute. But soon the music is supported by Mellotron, organ and synth. The keyboard orchestrations in this song are subtle and very beautiful. Due to the beautiful synth and keyboard parts, this song also develops into a personal favorite. And I haven't even mentioned the melodic guitar parts yet.

The album that leaves a consistent impression has no weak parts, because the closing track is also a real beauty. "L'Amante ("Dei Ricordi, un Museo" parte 3)" (7:50) is arguably the most beautiful song on the entire album. The opening with the delicate keyboards, the passionate vocals and the Mellotron strings is very strong. Then a delicate and melodic electric guitar part also joins the beautiful vocal melodies. Just for this track alone you should buy this fine album. The ending with the Mellotron, synth and the melodic guitar parts gives the album a well deserved highlight. It doesn't get any better than this music friends!


"Dei Ricordi, un Musea" the first solo album of Museo Rosenbach's vocalist Stefano "Lupo" Galifi is in my opinion an underrated album. For me it is one of the best RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) albums of 2021. With Luca Scherani, Stefano Galifi has found the right man for the compositions. The (respectfull) music has nowhere an over the top atmosphere and in the first place supports the vocals. You can find the most wonderful melodies on this remarkable album. The line-up for this album consists out of top notch musicians from the current progressive rock scene in Italy. They all have done a wonderful job. Without disregarding anyone, I would like to mention Marcella Arganese for those beautiful melodic guitar parts. In recent years she has developed into a skillful and all-round guitarist. And what can go wrong when composer Luca Scherani himself takes place behind the keyboards. This wonderfull album is highly recommended by progVisions. A must buy for all the RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) fans in the world.

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